About Me

Hi!  I’m Karen, and thanks for visiting my little ‘ol blog!

I am a total product/makeup/beauty junkie.  I started this blog in June of 2013 to share reviews and photos of the treasures (and duds) I discover on my quest for the perfect lipstick.  And mascara.  Or foundation.  Even nail polish.  You get the drill.

I also post random things not necessarily related to beauty, but lifestyle and random happenings on Planet KP.

I live in Augusta, GA with my husband and best friend of 17 years.  We share our home with a Standard Poodle, Sheldon, an Australian Shepherd, Fiona, and a mess of cats.  I am a bonkers animal lover.  I also love red wine, and MUSIC.  I so have to have a soundtrack for my life!

I am half-Japanese, and spent my formative years in Japan.  I love all things Japanese – especially make-up!  I speak Japanese fluently, but unfortunately cannot read/write.  Guess we didn’t live there long ENOUGH.

My wish is to also empower women 40+, to CLAIM YOUR PRETTY!  You’ve earned it! Makeup/beauty is not limited to your daughters.  So, ditch the sweat pants, excuses, slap some lipstick on, and be the BEST you can be!!!!  A fresh coat of paint does wonders for all things!

If I can help you at all with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out!  I love interacting!

Thanks for reading!  kxoxo