More Acrylic Makeup Storage

Hello my gorgeous people.  I have successfully managed to not get sucked into the Candy Crush craze (if that’s still even a thing).  I did enjoy Words with Friends, Song Pop – any game that had interaction with others.  My new thing is Trivia Crack.  My husband’s work people are notorious for finding the new “it” game.  So, in my spare time, you can find me playing trivia against my friends.  If you play, leave me your user name or come find me!  If you don’t play, and you like trivia, definitely download it onto your phone!  It’s a lot of fun.

I had been on a hunt for more acrylic makeup storage.  Namely, to hold my foundations.  They were all in the top drawer of my Alex unit, laying flat and settling in weird ways.  I wanted something tall enough to accommodate my bottles in an upright position, but with a lid.  I LOVE my Muji storage, so I checked there first.  No dice.


Acrylic Makeup Storage

Then, I was in Marshalls, and happened upon a huge selection of acrylic makeup/vanity storage.  And they had the PERFECT thing!


Acrylic Makeup Storage Cube With Lid

Ta-Da!  I picked up two of them.  And the price?


Acrylic Makeup Storage Cube

Can’t beat that!  I also picked up a couple of other pieces.


Acrylic Makeup Storage Sectional With Lid

This guy has four separate compartments, and a lid!  I will put the smaller things from my current rotation like lashes, glue, primers, etc in there.  It’s also the perfect size to fit a couple ColourPop shadows in each section.

The price?


Acrylic Makeup Storage Sectional

Not bad at all.

The reason I like “enclosed” storage (like Muji, and stuff with lids) is because I hate having to dust/clean each individual item, as well as the inside of the open container.  Plus, my kitties are always underfoot in my bathroom, and cat hair would get all into it.  I would love to keep my makeup brushes out on my counter, but have to keep them in the cabinet under the sink to avoid feline fluff.

The last piece I got is open.


Acrylic Makeup Storage Open

This is perfect for storing palettes.  This will get chucked in the cabinet also, but at least everything will be in one place.

The price?


Acrylic Makeup Storage Open


picture-of-acrylic-makeup-storage-cube-fwith foundation

Acrylic Makeup Storage Cube With Foundation

And here is my cube filled.  The BECCA full coverage was a touch too tall, but it worked just fine leaning it over.  Now I can have my foundations out and within easy reach.

Do you use acrylic storage?  What is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!  xoxo

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  1. Tanya Lovetere says

    These are really nice! I don’t like laying my foundations down either. I found this desk organizer at Ikea that I use to hold my foundations on top of my Alex drawers. It works for now but something with a cover would be better to avoid dust like you said. I have been thinking about doing a makeup collection video/post so everyone can see how I store all my makeup but I haven’t decided if I am going to do it or not.

  2. Wendy says

    I need to invest in some acrylic holders once I finally get to work on my makeup/hobby room! A Muji just opened downtown and I am dying to finally go! I love lids and drawers. With multiple furbabies, the amount of fur, dust, and dander gets out of control so quickly!
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