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Fierce Females: Dr. Laura

The one trait that I believe define Fierce Females is “accountability”.  Taking responsibility for your own actions and choices.  Not blaming “him”, “her”, or “them”.  We set our own course.  We are in control of our destiny.  We are not helpless damsels in distress.

Enter Dr. Laura.  That is her game.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a pretty controversial radio talk show host.  Years ago, her program was carried by my local radio station (thank goodness!).  She is now syndicated internationally, and her show is exclusively carried on Sirius (as well as online streaming and podcasts).


When I was young(er), single, and stumbling finding my way in life, I discovered Dr. Laura.  She is hardcore, doesn’t sugar coat, and tells it like it is – even though you don’t want to hear it.

Her book, “Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives”, gave me a much needed bitch slap in reality.  I became a stronger, more empowered woman after reading her book.  If you are single, in a “iffy” relationship, or are just starting out, I highly recommend this book.

I don’t agree with ALL of her views, but her message to women is right on; stand up for yourself, do not let a man define you, and put yourself in check if your life is going awry.

Have a great week, and BE FIERCE!


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Current Evening Skincare Routine

Hello Lovelies!  After the (ho-hum) Golden Globes, and the announcement of the Oscar nominated movies this year, I realized I had not seen any of the said films.  I hate when that happens.  Must correct.  Hubs and I are planning to see “American Sniper” this weekend (NO spoilers please!!!!).  Last night, we watched “Boyhood”.  While I think the concept of filming actors over a twelve year period is absolute genius, the almost three hour story left me me wanting a bit more.  I do love me some Patricia Arquette though!

Onto my current evening skincare routine!


Current Evening Skincare Routine

Much like my morning ritual, I am a bit of a stickler in terms of staying with the tried and true.  I don’t change my skincare up that much.


Current Evening Skincare Routine

First thing at night, makeup removal.

I have been using the Maybelline Clean Express eye makeup remover for a while. You can’t really see it in the photo, but there is a bottom layer and top layer that requires shaking up to blend, although the formula is oil free.  I am not sure exactly how that works, but it works.  Pour it on a cotton pad, hold it against your lashes for a few seconds to melt away the mascara, then swipe away the rest of your eye makeup.  It does not sting, and is very gentle.  And you can actually see afterwards because you don’t have heavy, oily makeup remover in your eyes.

That being said, I am totally in love with cleansing oils for the rest of my face.  I had been using Philosophy’s “Purity Made Simple” (liquid) cleanser for years.  When they came out with an oil version (mineral oil free), I was all about it.  You simply apply this ultra lightweight oil all over your face, massage it it in, apply a bit of warm water to emulsify, rinse off, and you’re good!


Clarisonic Luxe Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head

However, I do use my Clarisonic  Mia at night (after emulsifying the Philosophy cleansing oil).  The Luxe Cashmere Cleanse brush is the reason why.  I know the photo looks like the brush is wacky out-of-focus, but it is so luxe soft, it really looks like that (like the top of the actual brush head box!).  I used the Sensitive skin brush initially, but found it tended to make my skin a little pink.  This brush is extremely gentle but still cleans really well.  I do love my Clarisonic, but use it only at night.


Current Evening Skincare Routine

After the cleansing ritual, I apply my prescription skincare eye cream, and Renova.

picture-of-Shiseido Bio Performance Advanced Super Revatilizing Cream

Shiseido Bio Performance Advanced Super Revatilizing Cream

Final step is my beloved Shiseido Bio-Perfromance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream.  Especially when it’s cold.

I am still testing out a few new products.  Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!


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Fierce Females: Stevie Nicks

The “Rumours” album is one of the first records (yes, vinyl!!!) I ever owned.  I was obsessed with it, as was the whole country.  I wouldn’t understand all the drama and intrigue that propelled this album to explode the way it did until I got a little older.  We were living in Taiwan at the time, and hearing any of these songs instantly transports me back to that time in my life.

That is when my love for Stevie Nicks first began.  She was the epitome of cool with her hippie style;  a rocker chick that combined glamour and grit.  Yes, please!  I believe my love of all things boho is because of her!

While I love the Mac, Stevie’s solo stuff was an integral part of my youth.  Her first album “Belladonna” just spoke to me, and I listened to it over and over back in the day (okay, so by that time, we had evolved from vinyl to cassette tapes).  Her songwriting is so beautiful and her words so haunting.  I have seen her in concert many times over the years, and she is still one of my absolute favorites.

At 66, she is still rocking and kicking ass.  As a member of one of America’s first “super groups”, she definitely paved the way for women in rock.  I was so excited to hear her music featured on last season’s “American Horror Story”.  Then she actually appeared on the show!  I was just beside myself.  So, here’s to this week’s Fierce Female, Stevie Nicks!

Ah, I’m at the age where the music I grew up with is now “classic rock”.

Have a great week, and be FIERCE!

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Caudalie Make Up Remover Cleansing Water

Hello Everyone!  My blog got a makeover!  I am really happy with the way it turned out.  I also got a new camera for Christmas that I am still trying to figure out.  Lots of exciting things going on here at KP Says!

I have always been curious about micellar cleansing waters.  However, they aren’t readily available here in the US.  So I checked out my options, and decided to try out the  Caudalie Make Up Remover Cleansing Water.


Caudalie Make Up Remover Cleansing Water

Bioderma seems to be the holy grail amongst these waters.  I am too paranoid about counterfeit product to order from Amazon or Ebay; which is the only way we can get Bioderma here.


Caudalie Make Up Remover Cleansing Water

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of micellar water, it is a one-step, no water/no soap method of cleansing.  You apply the water with cotton pads to remove your makeup and treat your skin.


Caudalie Make Up Remover Cleansing Water

Caudalie is a French brand that is easily accessible here, so I thought it was a great choice.  They began their journey into skincare from a vineyard, basing their line on the many antioxidant benefits of grapes and grape-seed – which equals WINE, which is a-okay with me.


Caudalie Make Up Remover Cleansing Water

As you can see, this water contains organic grape water and camomile; and is hypoallergenic.

I love the fragrance – very fresh and spa-like.  Not overwhelming or irritating.  I really love the scent.  It also did not sting my eyes – big plus!

I did find that it takes a lot of cotton rounds and product to completely remove ALL of my makeup.  And I don’t wear a TON.

I also found that on the occasion I wore multiple coats of mascara, it took a lot of effort (and product) to dissolve it.  No aggressive tugging.  Just a lot of time.

However, it did leave my skin feeling soft and supple with no tightness or stickiness.

Nothing against this cleansing water, but I feel a need to “wash” my face after using it.  I think it is all about personal preference.  I think I require water for my face to feel clean.

For me, it is a good alternative for times when I simply can’t do my usual routine (for whatever reason).  I would rather do my normal multi-step makeup removal before bed.

Have you tried water cleansing?

Again, thanks for reading!

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Fierce Females: Samantha Stephens

Thanks to my friend Rosie from A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe, I am starting a Sunday Series on the blog – Fierce Females!  She came up with this concept to celebrate the women who have inspired/shaped/influenced her life.  I read her first post, and I totally dug it!  So, thank you Rosie for being an Influencer, and allowing me to totally copy your idea!


My first pick is Samantha Stephens from my FAVORITE-EST show EVER, Bewitched!!!


Though she is totally fictional, I so wanted to be her when I was growing up.  I loved that she married a mortal (first Darrin was the best!), could twitch her nose to get out of trouble, and had the most over the top family!  And I thought the house they lived in was the most amazing house ever (1164 Morning Glory Circle).


Samantha was beautiful, wore the BEST mod clothes, and had fierce eyebrows!


Cousin Serena was also a favorite – the wild side of Samantha!

So this is two-fold; in that I also admire Elizabeth Montgomery, who portrayed my beloved Samantha.  She lived a great life, made her own rules, and pretty much didn’t play by Hollywood standards for women back  then.

Not to be all racial/political, but “Bewitched” made me feel like I belonged.  Back in the 70s, “mixed” marriages were not very common.  Although the Stephens’ wedding was witch to mortal, it made me feel like the Japanese lady to Army guy union that created me was okay.

What Fierce Female made an impact on your life?

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo



NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream Enamored

Hello Loves!  I hope everyone survived the holiday season, and brought in the New Year with great panache!  With no hangovers!  Hubs and I attended the Belk Bowl Game in Charlotte, NC at the Panther’s stadium on Dec. 30th to cheer on our Georgia Bulldogs (against the Louisville Cardinals).  We were actually in the Club Level seats, so that was an unexpected surprise.  Nice wine bistro, beer snob selections approved by my husband – all good!  Plus we won, 37/14.    And got to experience Uber Cab for the first time.  It definitely is the way to go!  Wish it was available in Augusta.  Works like a charm, with no worries of drinking and driving.  All that being said, I did over imbibe, and pretty much felt yucky New Year’s Eve.  We just took it easy on the couch, watched more football, made an easy gourmet dinner, and watched the ball drop.  Then off to bed.  I think this is the first time in my entire life I was not capable of having champagne to ring in the New Year!  And December 31st was our anniversary!  Happy 17 years of marriage (I was a child bride)!  I’m still a bit wonky today.  Did manage the traditional New Year’s Day lunch of black eyed peas & collard greens to set us up for luck in 2015.  It’s a totally southern thing (I should do a post on it).

Anyways, on to my review of the NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream Enamored!


NYX Vamp Lip Cream Enamored

I didn’t even know this collection was in existence until I ordered some NYX Wicked Lipies on the NYX site.  I usually prefer ordering NYX lip products direct; as they are a hot, opened up, smushed up everywhere mess at my Ulta store (as well as CVS that just started carrying them).  They are great products, but I don’t want one that’s been opened up and used.  I ordered my last batch of Butter Glosses direct also.  So nice to have them arrive in a shipping box hermetically sealed, as I bitch about how to tear the plastic zipped casings off and try not to break a nail!  How those people manage it in Ulta, I don’t know?  Because I have to use a tool.


NYX Simply Vamp Enamored Lip Cream

The “Simply” line comes in Simply Red, Simply Pink, Simply Nude, and Simply Vamp; each with six different color options.


NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in Enamored Closeup

I chose Vamp “Enamored”, described as a “deep brown with burgundy pearl”.  You can so see it in the tube.  *Plus* – it is a retractable pencil, with no need to sharpen!


NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream Enamored Swatch

On me, the swatch is a bit of a copper-y brown, with a bit of a pearl – maybe burgundy?


NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream Enamored Finger Swatch

I LOVE the shade, and it really is more “metallic” on me than “pearl”, but with definite shades of burgundy.


NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream Lip Swatch

The lip crayon was super easy to apply/work with, but I did have to do some finger smudging/setting along the edges of my lips because it did leave some patchiness.


NYX Simply Vampy Lip Cream Enamored

(Selfie in action).

The formula is really thin, and lightweight.  This shade was not drying.  But it was a sort of a pain, because I had to either check where it was on my lips, or reapply where it got patchy.  I would assume because I am used to total opaque/matte lip crayons.   If you manage a good application, you’re good (for around 3 hours).

I would put this lip cream for special occasions/parties.  I am not sure it’s practical for day-to-day, though I could wear this shade everyday.  If you haven’t checked out the other “Simply” lines from NYX, they might be worth your while.  I chose the “Simply Vamp” line, because that is what I usually gravitate towards;  but again, not for work/daily. I do love “Enamored”, and will more than likely get more shades from this color selection!

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxosignaturenew


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Review

Hello my worn out Santa’s helpers!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas filled with family, friends, overeating, drinking too much, and making great memories.  Those of you with little kiddos, I trust that your hearts were turned into indescribable mush watching the pure joy of your babies tearing into their presents Christmas morning.  One good thing about being Grinch-y is that I have nothing to take down/put up.  I’m ready for the New Year with no fuss, no muss!

I have been on a foundation kick lately.  I guess all of the new offerings have dazzled me like bright and shiny objects.  One such glittery distraction was the new YSL foundation.  I’ve been wearing it for a month or so, and thought I’d share my YSL Fusion Ink Foundation review!


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

As with all Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics, the packaging is gorgeous.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Beautiful right?  *sigh*

According to the box, the formula is supposed to be ultra lightweight with the color/staying power of ink.  Doesn’t sound very sexy does it?  Ink?  Honestly, it makes me think of the old school Bic ball point pens.  You know, the ones that transferred blue ink on the side of your hand as you were writing a paper if your hand happened across the paragraph you just wrote?  I personally don’t like to associate my foundation with “ink”.

Sorry for that tangent.  Moving on….


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

There are 21 shade offerings, ranging from Neutral (B), Cool (BR), and Warm (BD).  Whatever your complexion, I think they have you covered.  It also has SPF 18.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

BD 50, Warm Honey, is a perfect match for me.  Per the label above, you need to shake, shake, shake.  The formula really is lightweight, so when you shake, shake, shake, it sounds like water (or maybe a bottle of ink).  :D


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

The bottle is frosted glass with a great deal of heft.  The gold cap pops off to reveal the applicator.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Applicator

I wasn’t sure what to think of this when I first opened it.  I knew I wasn’t going to touch the applicator directly to my face.  The instructions state the applicator is designed to dispense the perfect amount of product to your face or hand.  So, I plop it on the back of my hand.  Works just fine.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Swatch

The left is the foundation applied straight to my arm, the right is a tiny bit semi blended (you know what I mean).  Was an icky day when I took this photo, and my arm was really cold, hence the blotchiness.  I should have stood in a hot shower before this shot :)

Okay.  Now for my thoughts (finally, right????).

It has a slight floral scent.  As a rule, I prefer my foundations to be fragrance free, as I think fragrance can be an irritant.  However, I did not have any adverse reaction to it being scented (whew!).  And once it settles in, you can’t smell it.  However, if you are sensitive to fragrance, get a sample at Sephora or Nordstrom.

I have never encountered a foundation like this.  It really is ultra light weight, like water (or a feather, according to the box).  I have applied it with a Beauty Blender, my fingers, and brushes.  It seems to work best with my beloved Shiseido foundation brush.

You sort of have to work fast with this formula, as it dries very quickly once applied.  You can’t do your entire face with a couple swipes on the back of your hand.  Gotta work in sections.  I put it on the back of my hand from the applicator, dab my brush into it, and buff into my skin.  By then, the remainder on my hand has already dried. So I apply the next bit on the back of my hand, buff; next bit, buff; until I have covered my face.  It really does take a only a small amount.  But you gotta work quickly.  It is easy to apply, and it really does melt into your skin with no problem.  Could that be the “fusion”?

Once you get the hang of the application (takes a few tries), your skin has a ethereal soft-matte finish.  I would say medium coverage, but buildable if you want.  REALLY nice.  Since it is a soft-matte, you won’t look like you’re wearing a plastic, skin-tight Halloween scary mask on your face.  You can smile, laugh, whatever you do.  And know your skin is looking very good on it’s own.

So, I am not fond of the name (or brand description) of this foundation.  Not a deal-breaker.  I don’t like the applicator.  Problem solved.  I had to get my initial whining out of the way.  I have really enjoyed using this bad boy, and he is in my rotation for when I need a smooth canvas for my face that is a bit matte.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Me, wearing the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation on in one of my blog photos.

That being said, my Holy Grail Chantecaille is a wide open jar of foundation.  I do use sanitized skincare “paddles” to dispense my Chantecaille.  The YSL will definitely be in my rotation, as I DO love it.  However, my Chantecaille is still my favorite.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxosignaturenew


Current Morning Skincare Routine

Hello my lovely peeps!  My blogging schedule has been all over the place (and sometimes non-existent) over the past couple of months.  You know when you’re not really “busy”, but have a lot going on?  That’s been my life.  My sweet hubby is a respiratory therapist in a Level IV NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) here at our local children’s hospital.  If you don’t know what NICU is, it is basically a “nursery” unit for premature and/or sick infants.  Level IV means they take in the sickest babies from our entire region.  I usually blog on evenings when he is at work.  Unfortunately, they have had a lot of sick babies these past several weeks, and he has been putting in a lot of hours.  So our day to day life has been all over the place, as has my blogging.  So, here I am on Saturday night happily posting my current morning skincare routine.  I am hoping to get back to some sense of normalcy after the holidays.


Morning Skincare Routine

I am a stickler when it comes to skincare.  While I am happy to experiment with makeup, I tend to not deviate from things that come into direct contact with my face, whether it be skincare or foundation!

I remember reading a magazine article years ago that stated all you needed for your AM routine was cleanser, SPF, and an antioxidant to fight free radicals/cellular damage (moisturizer if needed). I’ve kept to that, but have added a few things that work for me.

Another point in that article was that cleansers aren’t on your face long enough to make a significant impact on your skin, so don’t pay huge amounts of money on something you wash your face with.

That being said, here is my morning ritual.

Step 1:


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cleanser.  I have used Cetaphil for years.  Super gentle and inexpensive.  I massage a couple of pumps onto my dry face, and rinse with warm water.  My skin feels great, with no super “tight” feeling.

Step 2:


Obagi Elastiderm Eye Complete Complex Serum

Eyes.  After cleansing, I apply an eye serum.  My current favorite is the Obagi ELASTIderm roller ball.  This really soothes under eye bags.  Whatever your age, definitely use an eye cream!!  The younger you start, the better.

Step 3:


Exuviance Daily Antioxidant Peel Pads

Antioxidant.  I have used these Exuviance Daily Antioxidant Peel Pads for years, and I swear by them.  It comes in a kit with the antioxidant formula in a glass bottle that you dump into this frosty glass jar of pads.  I really has improved the look of my skin.


Exuviance Daily Antioxdant Peel Pads

These pads exfoliate and smooth, and deliver potent antioxidant protection with 10% citric acid.  You swipe a pad across your face, tap the remaining excess into your skin, and wait for it to dry.  From here on out, the products are all about applying and letting them dry before you move onto the next.  I swear, my skincare takes longer than my makeup.  And takes up more space in my luggage when I travel.

Step 4:


Shiseido White Lucent Skincare

Treatment/Moisturizer.  Products I use after the antioxidant pads are from the Shiseido White Lucent line – my serum and moisturizer, which I have been using for a very long time also.

Being half-Japanese, Shiseido has been a part of my life forever.  My Mom used nothing but Shiseido, and every time I use it, I think of her.

One confusing thing about Japanese skincare “whitening” lines;  do they “whiten” you, like fade dark spots, or do they “brighten” your complexion???  I am not really sure.  I don’t think anyone really knows.


Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

The Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum has done wonders for my skin.  It is a super light serum that is instantly absorbed, making your face feel soft and super toned.


Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

It comes with a pump that dispenses the right amount of product.  Again, it’s all about applying the serum to your face, and allowing it to sink in before going on with the next product.  Dry, dry, dry.

I typically have backups for things I love, and when trying to find links to share for this post, it appears my beloved serum has been replaced by Shiseido for an “improved” product.  Hmmm…..


Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Cream

Oh, this moisturizer!  It is super light, almost gel-like, and your skin will just soak it up.  Almost drink it up.  It has a tinge of fragrance (that is so Shiseido to me!) but not overwhelming.  The most perfect daytime moisturizer, as your face will look fab, and not feel greasy/heavy.

I spent my youth baking my face in the sun.  I am paying for it now with melasma, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, etc.  I wish I could tell you that the Shiseido White Lucent line will get rid of brown spots, hyperpigmentation, and the like.  But it won’t.  It hasn’t for me at least.  However, all that being said, I LOVE this line, as it makes my skin look great.  Maybe for me it isn’t so much whitening, as it is brightening?  I have some Japanese bloggers that I need to get clarity from (you know who you are).

Step 5:


Obagi Nu-Derm Sunscreen

The fun police, Mr. Sunscreen.  I know it’s a buzz-kill, but sunscreen is the best skincare ever.  It is the final step of my skincare after everything I’ve applied (dry, dry, dry!).  Although SPF is in my moisturizer, foundation, etc, it is the last thing I put on my face before makeup.

I have been testing out a couple of new products.  I am still not sure if I will make any change ups.  Stay tuned!  I plan to cover my evening routine and weekly treatment stuff in a separate post.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo



Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover For Glitter

Hello everyone!  I am not an overly “Christmas crazy” person.  In fact, many of my friends would tell you that I am a bit of a Grinch.  But one thing I do love about the Christmas season is peppermint ice cream!  And the gloriousness that is the Chick-Fil-A Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake!  I could have one every single day.  It really makes this time of year bearable (as does eggnog with a hefty dose splash of Captain Morgan!).  I have also been exercising extreme self-control over all the beautiful holiday sets of makeup.  I am going to try to restrain myself until the after-Christmas sales.  In the interim, I’ll have another eggnog please!

This festive time of year lends itself to glitter.  Lips, eyes, clothes, nails.  You name it!  If you’re like me, you wear glitter on your nails year round, so the season is irrelevant.  But the CHORE of taking that stuff off!  Enter the Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover For Glitter!


Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover For Glitter and Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover

I fell in love with the regular Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover first.


Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover

My go-to remover has been the purple Zoya 3-in-1 for a long time.  It is a great polish remover, and I will continue using it.  But on days when I have to do a quick polish change, the Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover is awesome.  You know the drill.  Take the lid off, plop your fingers into the hole in the sponge one nail at a time, and presto!  Nail polish gone.  There is no smudging/smearing, and your entire nail (even underneath) is clean.  I have tested this with my darkest reds, purples, and blacks.  Still going strong.  “It’s Magic” indeed.  Nothing like the old school Cutex sponge remover.


Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover For Glitter

If you use any type of nail polish with even the tiniest hint of glitter, you know what a pain it is to remove.  I’ve just been doing the aluminum foil method to take it all off.


Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe and Essie A Cut Above Glitter Polish

I’ve tested polishes with big “chunks” of glitter, like Deborah Lippmann “Across the Universe”  and Essie “A Cut Above”.


Zoya Pixie Dust Vespa and Zoya Logan Glitter Nail Polish

And polishes with finer particles of glitter, like Zoya Pixie Dust (Vespa) and “Logan” glitter formula.

The Sephora instant nail polish remover for glitter works the same way.  Take the lid off, immerse each finger, and voila.

The “sponge” in the glitter formula is really rough and textured.  And it has a “plug” in the center with the same texture.  The directions say to soak your nail for 10 seconds.  I actually leave mine in for around 30.  Then you sort of wiggle your nail up and down/side to side against the sides and the center.  With really stubborn glitter, I’ve taken the “plug” out, and scrubbed it directly on my nail.

The glitter remover formula isn’t as quick/effective as the regular polish remover.  But it is waaaay better than the aluminum foil method.  It does better at removing finer glitter polishes like the Pixie Dust and Logan.  Which to me were the hardest to take off to start with.

The big chunky glitter like the Deborah Lippmann and Essie are a tad harder to remove in the sponge, but it takes enough off that you can just rub off the errant big chunk that managed to hang on.


Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover For Glitter

The glitter remover didn’t instantly remove these babies I put to the test, but it is the best solution I’ve found.  And it does work.  Just takes a teeny bit of effort.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo



Lime Crime Velvetines Salem and Wicked

Hello Sweethearts!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I have had the most annoying twitch in my left eye for the past two weeks!!!  You know, the kind that you can literally see moving in your line of vision?  It only starts jumping when I’m really focused on something, like reading or typing on the computer.  Like I am now.  I wish it would just STOP.  I’m afraid to Google what it might mean.  I learned a long time ago to not diagnose myself via the internet.  Believe me, according to the conclusions I have conjured up for myself from WebMD, I am lucky to be alive!  Any dire prognosis aside, if you have any remedies please share!

I have been wanting to try the Lime Crime Velvetine liquid lipsticks for quite a while.  Their best selling shade is Wicked.  I swear it’s been out of stock for nearly a year.  Really.  So when they finally restocked, I decided to place my order.  I chose Lime Crime Velvetines Salem and Wicked.


Lime Crime Velvetines

This is the box it was shipped in.  How adorable is that?

If you aren’t familiar with the Velvetines, it is a liquid to matte, long lasting lipstick that applies with a wand.


Lime Crime Velvetines Salem and Wicked

I think the packaging is really cute.  The tubes are frosted plastic.  The top is Salem.  Apparently, they changed the overall design, as Wicked (newly stocked) is a bit different.  The Salem box says “Liquid to Matte Lipstain”, and the Wicked box says “Liquid Matte Lipstick”.  Potato-Potahto.


Lime Crime Salem and Wicked

Ditto with the labels.

Before I continue with swatches, etc, let me just tell y’all, when I do lipstick reviews, I put the product straight on my lips.  I do not use any lip primers, balms, lip liners, etc, so I can give you an accurate representation of said product.  Pretty much what you see is what you get.  So, I will give my opinion after the below pics.

So, here we go!


(L-R) Lime Crime Velvetines Salem and Wicked Swatches


Top to Bottom: Lime Crime Velvetines Wicked and Salem

First up is Salem.  It is a dark chocolate-y brown.  And brown it is!


Lime Crime Velvetine Salem


Lime Crime Velvetine Salem Closeup


Lime Crime Velvetine Salem

Next up is the highly sought-after Wicked.  it is a gorgeous blood/burgundy/red.


Lime Crime Velvetine Wicked


Lime Crime Velvetine Wicked Closeup


Lime Crime Velvetine Wicked

Okay.  First off, these Velvetines have a really sweet, vanilla cupcake scent (which I love).  Not overwhelming.

Second – for me, they were really hard to work with.  I don’t know if it is because I have really skinny chicken lips.  I was not able to take the wand and just go with it and “apply”.  As you can see in my closeup shots, it was a bit messy.  However, if you are blessed with full lips, you may find it easier than me.  I do find if I work it around with my finger with a lip liner, it works just fine.  However, my finger is stained, and I have to remove the stain with makeup remover.  Soap and water doesn’t touch it.

Overall, it is a long lasting formula.  I’ve managed 6+ hours wear, but it does wear out in the center of the lips, and hang out on the outer corners.



Also, once you apply, it really is a liquid to matte, that takes time to set, and while you’re waiting, you may find yourself like this.

Overall, I really do like this lipstick.  It really works best with a lip liner.

Again, thanks for reading!  Have you tried any Lime Crime products?  What is your take??




My MAC The Matte Lip Collection Picks

Hello my Beautiful People!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Turkey Day.  Ours was a bit hectic, but really fun.  Picked up a few things during Black Friday and Cyber Monday that I will be sharing soon!  Can’t wait to see/hear what y’all got.  I’ve been absent for a few weeks, so be prepared for an onslaught of reviews!  It appears I have collected a lot of lipsticks – therefore, you will be subjected to many posts featuring my mug.  I will try to mix it up a bit though to spare you.

Speaking of lip stuff, I decided to do a post about my MAC The Matte Lip Collection picks.


MAC The Matte Lip Lipstick Collection

I think MAC has been going a bit crazy with their Limited Edition collections lately.  I do love me some MAC, and wish I could get something from every new release, but come on.  It’s been a bit much.  Everything sells out wicked fast online.  So you trudge to your local MAC counter (3 days after the online launch), and find the same thing.  Consequently, I do not blog about LE things I’ve snagged because by the time I’ve tried them out, they no longer exist.  However, the lipsticks from “The Matte Lip Lipstick Collection” are still available on the MAC site or retailers like Nordstrom.  And quite possibly your local counter.  So I thought since they are still around, why not talk about them?  Especially since they’ve been road tested by Yours Truly.


MAC The Matte Lip Lipstick Collection

My picks were (bottom to the top) “Styled in Sepia”, “Damn Glamorous”, and “Living Legend”.


Top to bottom: Styled in Sepia, Damn Glamorous, Living Legend

I really love matte lipsticks because I am so lazy about reapplying.  I think I am actually immune to the drying effects of matte formulas because I have worn them for so long.


MAC Styled In Sepia, Damn Glamorous, Living Legend Matte Lipsticks

However, I did not find these lipsticks to be super drying at all (a la Ruby Woo).

picture-of-Top to Bottom:  Styled in Sepia, Damn Glamorous, Living Legend Swatches

Top to Bottom: Styled in Sepia, Damn Glamorous, Living Legend Swatches

As you can see, they do have a bit of “sheen” to them.  That may be what made them comfortable to wear.  I found these mattes to be easy to apply, non-drying, and the lasting power was pretty impressive.  So here we go, shade by shade.

Styled in Sepia:


Styled In Sepia lipstick

I love brown lipsticks.  This is a bit dirty beige-y, but I love it.  It has a bit of a gray cast to it – for some reason, I am really into gray lipsticks (?).


MAC Styled In Sepia Lipstick

It’s sort of a gray/beige/brown.  It applied really easily with no skipping.  And, as you can see, it has a teensy bit of sheen to it.  Lasted pretty much all day on me.

Damn Glamorous:


MAC Damn Glamorous Lipstick

This is a full on, bright-ass red.  Seriously.


MAC Damn Glamorous Lipstick

It is a more blue-based red, but I love, love, love it!  Again, as you can see, it does have a teensy bit of sheen.  Lasted all day for me.

Living Legend:


MAC Living Legend Lipstick

Though it looks very purple in the bullet, it is more of a berry color.


MAC Living Legend Lipstick

Since this shade is very dark/vampy, it did apply pretty patchy.  But I smoothed it out with my fingers, and after that, it stayed in place all day.

I really love MAC matte formulas, and I am extremely happy with the 3 I snagged up.

Let me know what you scored during the holiday sales!!!

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo



A Few Products From The Balm

Hello my Gorgeous People!  It appears “cough and cold” season is creeping up on us.  Do you get a flu shot?  I never did until a couple of years ago.  I just realized it’s mid-November and I still haven’t gotten mine yet.  I noticed that a lot of drugstores offer them.  Who gives them, the pharmacist?  If so, how is he qualified to give me a shot?  Do I just stand in the prescription pickup line, and he pops a syringe into me?  I just don’t know??  It does sound like a great convenience showing up at your local Walgreens for a vaccine, but I think I will call my doctor & schedule an appointment!

Enough about the flu and needles.  Let’s get to the good stuff!

I got a few products from The Balm when they were on Hautelook.


The Balm Bahama Mama, Mary-Lou Manizer, Instain Blush Houndstooth

I’ve gotten a lot of deluxe samples from this brand in some of my beauty box subscriptions.  Everything I’ve tried, I have loved.  I really like the cutesy names they give their products, and the packaging/illustrations are adorable!


The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

The Mary-Lou Manizer (catchy name!) is mainly a highlighter, but can be used as an eye shadow as well.


The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

It is a warm golden shade, but super intense!!!!


The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Swatch

Whoa!  The pan is a bit deceiving, isn’t it?


The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Swatch

I think it gives the most beautiful glow to the skin!  Just a little goes a long way.  I used a heavy hand for the swatches to give you an idea of the pigmentation.  Of course you would never put this much on your face!!!  It is really gorgeous though, and I think it would look great on many skin tones, especially medium and darker.


The Balm Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama is a bronzer/contour/eye shadow powder.  It is a matte formula, and actually works great on me as a contour shade.  It comes in a cardboard compact with a full mirrored lid (not sure why I didn’t take a pic of the full thing???).


The Balm Bahama Mama Swatch

{That icky spot on my finger is not some kind of fungus or anything.  Murphy (my cat) and I were in an intense wresting match, and one of his claws harpooned me, and he won.  Took forever to heal.  Just FYI.}

When I first opened up the compact, I worried it would be too light.  It is a tad darker than NARS Laguna bronzer, as a point of reference.


The Balm Bahama Mama Swatch

It does not pull orange or look muddy at all.  So easy to apply/blend.  Love!!!  If you are fair complected, this may be a bit too dark.


The Balm Instain Blush in Houndstooth

So far, my favorite items from The Balm are their blushes.  “Instain” comes in several different shades (same packaging as Bahama Mama, but again, I didn’t take photos of the full compact).


The Balm Instain Blush in Houndstooth Swatch

This blush is a mauve-y/pinky/peach shade that is so gorg!


The Balm Instain Blush Houndstooth Swatch

It has the creamiest, dreamy texture!  Applies so smooth – almost like a cream-to-powder blush, but it’s a powder!  And it does last.  It has a tinge of shimmer, but not glittery.  Applies as a soft sheen though very pigmented.  Perfect for any season.

So far, so good for me on The Balm makeup line!  These products are talc & paraben free, and made in the USA!

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxosignaturenew


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Hello Everyone!  Hope your weekend is going just peachy keen!  I am going to just jump right into my thoughts on the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (not really – I find I have to ramble a bit first).  But in short – I.LOVE.IT.


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

In Augusta, GA (where I live), we do not have access to an Armani makeup counter (or Chanel, or Cle de Peau, etc – any super high end makeup).  In short, we don’t have a Nordstrom.  But hey!  We just got a Whole Foods and a Homegoods and a DSW.  So I shouldn’t bitch.

Anyways, when I was in New York with my blogger friends, I visited the Sephora in Times Square (duh!).  I was so excited that they carried Armani!  So I got matched, exchanged some cash, and he came back to Georgia with me.

As a rule, I am pretty faithful to my foundations.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will see all sorts of posts on a variety of makeup, but not the stuff I put on mah face!

My Holy Grail foundation has been the Chantecaille Future Skin, and my review is here.


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

These days, I only use high end foundations.  Why?  Reason #1 – I am old.  Reason #2 – I am hard to match (Japanese/White), and higher end foundations have way more shade options for a true match.  Reason #3 – I think you get what you pay for.  This foundation is available in 24 shades!!!

So, rambling done.


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 5.75

I am a NC40 in MAC.  I have a rather dark medium/warm/olive/yellow/skin tone, and normal/dry skin.  I was matched to 5.75 in the Armani foundation.  PERFECT!!!


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

This baby comes with a pump and  is a dream formula to work with!!!  I apply it with my favorite Shiseido brush (I am half-Japanese after all!!!).  It buffs so easily into the skin, and gives a dewy, flawless finish.  Coverage is medium, but buildable to full coverage.


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 5.75 Swatch


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 5.75 Swatch

I am not a regular user of face primers.  But with this foundation, you do not need one.  It is so awesome, I think a primer would just get in the way of it’s wonderful-ness.

It does have a teeny bit of fragrance, but nothing that lingers once you apply.  It lasted pretty much the whole day on me, and didn’t oxidize to a weird color or settle in to my fine (and not so fine) lines.  I set it with an Hourglass Ambient Light Powder (not that it needed it).  However, since it is a “luminous” foundation, if you are oily, this may not be a great fit for you.

I love, love, love this foundation.  It is in my rotation with my beloved Chantecaille.  If you are in search of a new somethin/somethin, I wholeheartedly recommend this.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo



Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Review

Hello my beautiful people!  The extreme weather swings we have this time of year in the Southeast really wreak havoc on me.  I’m talking you use your seat warmer/heat in the car in the morning, and then the air conditioner in the afternoon.  Evenings may or may not be cold.  My seasonal allergies may or may not flare up, depending on how warm things get.  So, in short, everything is very confused.  My skin is dried out when I start my day, back to normal at the end of the day.  My poor nose area and lips really suffer.  In short, totally dry out and get flaky (especially if my allergies kick in and I have to blow my nose a lot).  Not cool.  I have been trying out different products to relieve all my dry patches, and wanted to share with you my Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Review.


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

I am a huge fan of Bite Beauty’s lipsticks.  I have had the Agave Lip Mask for a while, and busted it out to get relief for my poor flaky, dried out lips.  Like all products in Bite Beauty’s line, this is all natural/food grade.  The mask is made with organic agave nectar and vanilla CO2 extract.  Gluten and petroleum free.  It smells very pleasantly vanilla, and has a slight vanilla taste.  Not overwhelming like a flavored lip balm.


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

And like the lipsticks, it is packed with Resveratrol, a potent antioxidant.


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

I am not crazy about the packaging.  It is a metal tube, and I can only imagine what it’s going to look like once I get about halfway through.  Not pretty.


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

The formula is very thick and emollient.  The opening in the tube is very narrow, so I find it a bit difficult to squeeze through sometimes.  I have actually plunged a toothpick into the tube to try to – I don’t know???  Maybe break up some air pockets?  Something to make it flow a bit easier out of the container.  It’s sort of hit or miss.

I have applied this every night before bed for the past week.  It is heavy, so when I wake up in the morning, it is still on my lips like the night before.  I don’t know if that is good or bad?  It’s almost like it provides a barrier (hence, mask).  Since my lips have been so dry, I’ve also reapplied after washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc.

Has it helped/healed my dryness/flakiness?  Yes.  However, for the hefty price tag ($26.00), I would have expected better/faster results.  I think my Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue provides the same results at a fraction of the cost.

My intention is not for this to be a negative review.  It did help my lips, but I personally didn’t find it to be anything extraordinary, especially for the price.

Have you tried the Agave Mask?  If so, what are your thoughts?

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo



Kat Von D Lovecraft, Sexer, Hexagram Lipstick Review

Hello my lovely people!  I hope y’all had a fun Halloween.  Hubby and I sat on the front porch handing out candy in long sleeved Ts, jeans, and flip flops (with an adult beverage).  It was a really nice evening.  Woke up the next day to a high of 38 degrees and blustery winds.  Welcome to Southern weather!  If sudden overnight cold temps wasn’t bad enough, enter Daylight Savings Time!  I don’t care if its backwards or forwards, it really messes with me.

Climate and time change aside, I finally got my Kat Von D Lovecraft, Sexer, Hexagram Lipstick Review together.  This is the last of my 3 part series of the Studded Kiss Lipstick Set.


Kat von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

You can find my first 3 lipsticks here, and part 2 here.


Kat Von D Lovecraft, Sexer, Hexagram Lipstick (top to bottom)

The final colors are Lovecraft, Sexer, and Hexagram.  A shot of the packaging.


Kat Von D Lovecraft, Sexer, Hexagram Lipsticks (left to right)

Up close and personal!  Notice how Sexer just seems to glow!!!!  How beautiful is she?

Descriptions from Sephora:

Lovecraft – “Matte Mauve Pink Nude”

Sexer – “Iridescent Florescent Pink”

Hexagram – “Matte Blood Red”


Kat Von D Lovecraft, Sexer, Hexagram Swatches (left to right)

Descriptions right on target!

Again, I have to apologize for my sucky swatching skills.  I try really hard to keep a steady hand and get really precise swatches, but I think I am too impatient.  I just grab the lipstick and go to town.  Will work on that.

So I will start with Lovecraft:


Kat Von D Lovecraft Lipstick

This “nude” shade worked for me actually.


Kat Von D Lovecraft Lipstick

This is a super creamy, easy to apply matte (as all of Kat’s mattes are in this set).  For a nude, I found this to be very pigmented, and though I dreaded trying it on, I was pleased it didn’t make me look like a dead person.  If you are someone that looks good in beige-y nudes, this would probably be too dark for you.  However, if you are fair complected, this might be a perfect “Kylie Jenner” shade.  What the obsession is with her lipstick (or her for that matter), I just don’t understand???



Kat Von D Sexer Lipstick

She glimmers and she glows in bright pink with silver-y iridescence!


Kat Von D Sexer Lipstick

As with the other iridescent shades in this set, this one applied more like a satin finish lipstick.  It does have lasting power, and fades into a pink/silver loveliness.  Funny thing is that pink is my favorite color, but I really don’t like it on me as a lipstick.  Sadly, pink is too cool for my skin tone.  But this is a great lipstick for you gals who can rock a hot pink lip.  Don’t get me wrong, I will use this baby because she is too pretty not to.



Kat Von D Hexagram Lipstick

This is a red red.  Very blue, and oh so gorgeous!


Kat Von D Hexagram Lipstick

Yep. The blood red is my favorite.  I know my upper lip looks messy in this picture, but it was the last shot after rubbing all of these ULTRA LONG LASTING lipsticks off between photos.

I am now a huge fan of the Kat Von D Studded Lipsticks after testing out this set.  I love the yummy Creme Brulee scent, and how long they last on your lips without drying them out.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo



Kat Von D Agatha, Countess, Adora Lipstick Review

Hey my lovely people!  A couple of music observations, tied to two of my current favorite shows – “The Voice” and “American Horror Story”.  #1 – the new Gwen Stefani song/video – utter disappointment.  I’ve tried, but I just can’t.  #2 – Jessica Lange covering the fabulous “Gods & Monsters” by Lana Del Rey – yeah, give it to me Ms. Lange.  I loved it.  Despite the fact that AHS has used two current songs that are totes anachronistic.  My trick-or-treat bag runneth over with that one.

So, onto my Kat Von D Agatha, Countess, Adora Lipstick Review!


Kat von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

This is actually part 2 of my Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set trilogy.  Stay tuned for the final three!


Kat Von D Agatha, Countess, Adora Lipsticks (top to bottom)

I had to include another photo of the cool packaging.


(L-R): Agatha, Countess, Adora Kat Von D Lipsticks

Here they are up close!  Again, totally beautiful colors.  Descriptions from Sephora:

Agatha – “Matte Pale Peach Nude”.

Countess – “Matte Hot Orange Red”.

Adora – “Metallic Golden Red”.


(L-R): Kat Von D Agatha, Countess, Adora Lipstick Swatches

Again, the descriptions are right on!

I am starting with Agatha.  This color is definitely swoon-worthy for all of you nude lipstick fans.

If you are a regular reader, you know I cannot wear nudes.  So keep that in mind!


Kat Von D Agatha Lipstick

I had a hard time even seeing where I was applying this.  I actually think the shade is lighter than my skin tone.


Kat Von D Agatha Lipstick

!Boo!  I think this is pretty scary (just in time for Halloween).  This looked so gawd awful on me that did not even wear it long enough to see how it performed.  I will say it applied very smoothly and did not skip at all considering it is a matte.  I think it is a gorgeous shade (though not for me), and if you can pull of these types of nudes, I would definitely check this one out.



Kat Von D Countess Lipstick

Aaaah, now you’re talking!  My favorite out of this bunch!


Kat Von D Countess Lipstick

I have come back to life!!!  This is a super gorgeous color, and I think it would actually work on most skin tones, as it is not totally cool or warm.  As with the other super pigmented mattes I’ve tried so far, this was very comfortable to wear, and lasted through eating and drinking throughout the day.  Probably my second favorite behind Motorhead.



Kat Von D Adora Lipstick

I do like Adora, but I wish it was a tad more red.


Kat Von D Adora Lipstick

It is metallic, but not over the top.  It has the most beautiful gold flecks throughout.  You can see it better in the arm swatch.  This is more of a satin finish, but it does have lasting power, and fades to a really pretty red/gold.

So far, I am in love with these lipsticks!

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo



Kat Von D Bachelorette, Wonderchilde, Motorhead Lipstick Review

Hello My Lovely People!!  For those of you who watch “American Horror Story” – what about this creepy season?????  I am really into it, especially since Halloween is right around the corner.  I have always had a crazy fear of clowns, even before Stephen King’s “It”.  I really enjoyed last season, since it was witch-y (homage to my favorite Anne Rice novels, starting with “The Witching Hour”), and my gal Stevie Nicks was on it (and her songs!!!!).  I’m excited that this year looks like it’s  going to be more scary, and, well, creeeepy!!  Damn clowns.

Again, I am going to jump right into my Kat Von D Bachelorette, Wonderchilde, Motorhead Lipstick Review!!!


Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

I purchased the “Studded Kiss Lipstick Set” from Sephora that includes 9 fabulous mini-lipsticks that are a part of Kat’s permanent line.  I knew there was no way I could do a single post and feature all 9 lipsticks (too much of my mug at one time), so I randomly picked 3 for this post.  I will do 2 more posts of 3 shades to cover the rest of these babies.


Packaging of Kat Von D Studded Lipsticks

The lipsticks come in a “studded” black case, as you can see.  Awesome packaging!


Kat Von D Motorhead, Wonderchilde, Bachelorette Lipsticks

And these colors!!! DOPE.  Meet “Motorhead”, “Wonderchilde”, and “Bachelorette”.  The descriptions from Sephora:

Motorhead – “Matte black cherry”.  I know it looks black in the tube, but it is not.

Wonderchilde – “Iridescent neon lilac”.

Bachelorette – “Matte reddish fuchsia”.


Kat Von D Motorhead, Wonderchilde, Bachelorette Swatches

For once, I completely agree that the written descriptions are right on.  I cannot believe I’ve waited so long to try these!  They are truly one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever used with the sweetest Creme Brulee smell (not overwhelming at all).



Kat Von D Motorhead Lipstick

Of course, this is my favorite of the 3!


Kat Von D Motorhead Lipstick

Being the darkest out of the whole set, this did apply a bit patchy, like most super dark lipsticks do (on me at least).  I think you can sort of see from the arm swatch.  But with a little smoothing out with my fingers, it was all good.  I can honestly say this is the most comfortable matte formula ever.  You can’t even feel it on.  It applies without skipping and feels like a lip balm when you’re applying.  The staying power is unreal.  This actually lasted through eating lunch and drinking (water) all day.  When it finally does start to fade, it leaves behind a nice stain.  L-O-V-E this one!



Kat Von D Wonderchilde Lipstick

I worried this would pull a weird pinky/lavender craziness on me.  You might be thinking, “Um, yeah it did Karen”.  I don’t think so though.


Kat Von D Wonderchilde Lipstick

I actually like this one!  This is more like a satin formula.  It actually retains it’s iridescence after applying.  This was just as great, but naturally it didn’t last nearly as long as the matte formula.  Don’t get me wrong, it has great longevity considering the formulation, but didn’t last through eating.  It faded evenly, and left behind a nice shimmer.



Kat Von D Bachelorette

Another fantastic matte!  And it truly is a “matte reddish fuchsia”.


Kat Von D Bachelorette Lipstick

Bachelorette has the same wonderful-ness as Motorhead.  So ditto that paragraph.  I think this color would be flattering on many different skin tones.

So there you go.  There are 2 nude shades in this set that I am not sure will be great on me.  Stay tuned!  I really did just pick 3 tubes out of the bunch, and I think it just so happens I got the vampy-est/crazy colors out of the way.  So far, I am really in love with these!  I noticed they are no longer available on the Sephora site, but if you find this in your local store, definitely check it out.  It’s a great way to test out a bunch of different colors and a great formula.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo



Anastasia Amrezy and Tamanna Palette Comparison

Hello My Beautiful People!  I hope you have been having a great weekend so far.  I have caught up on all of my DVR’d shows, and have been enjoying college football all day.  Go Dawgs!  So I finally had a break to post this Anastasia Amrezy and Tamanna Palette Comparison.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy and Tamanna Palettes

ABH has released three limited edition eye shadow palettes pretty much back-to-back.  I was on the fence about the Amrezy palette because I thought it was a little too cool toned for me, but was extremely fortunate enough to win mine from the lovely Tanya from Leopard Lace and Cheesecake for her blog anniversary giveaway.  I had already planned to get the Tamanna palette as I thought it would be better suited for my complexion.

My photos do not do these gorgeous palettes justice.  Really.  I think the swatches that follow will be a truer representation of how beautiful these shades are.  So hang with me!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette

The Amrezy palette was created in collaboration with the renown makeup artist Amra Olevic.  Really beautiful mix of neutrals and colors.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette

Tamanna was also conceived in conjunction with a world famous blogger/makeup artist, Tamanna Roashan.  These are stunning colors as well, with a mix of neutral/color.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy and Tamanna Palette Comparison

I thought the best way to compare the two was to swatch the first row of each palette on my fingers, then do a collective arm swatch; same with the second row.  I realized when editing the photos that I put my thumb in the first pan, pinky in the last, but when I turned my hand over to photograph, it is opposite of the order of the palette.  Same with the arm swatch.  I’m sure you will be able to get the gist of the colors, but please bear with me!  I usually don’t realize this stuff until I edit.  Just go from right to left on the swatches below.  Again, I am happy with the swatches representing the colors rather than my pics of the palette.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette Swatches

Thumb to pinky: Legend, Glisten, Topaz, Iridescent Purple, Emerald.

The top row of the Amrezy palette is a mix of satin/frost formulas.  Very pigmented, creamy, and super easy to blend.  I did find the purple shade (Iridescent Purple) took a bit of work to show up on me.  If you are fairer complected, it will be dynamite!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette Swatches

Thumb to pinky:  Fresh, Blush, Venezia, Gilded, Custom.

The top row of the Tamanna palette has one matte shade (Fresh) and satin/frost formulas.  Also very pigmented, creamy, and easy to blend.

Amrezy is on the top, Tamanna bottom.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Tamanna Comparison Swatches

As you can see, I think Topaz (Amrezy) and Gilded (Tamanna) are a bit similar.  Also Legend (Amrezy) and Blush (Tamanna).


Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette Swatches

Thumb to pinky:  Vanilla, Caramel, Morocco, Deep Plum, LBD.

The second row of the Amrezy palette (my favorite) has two semi-matte shades (Vanilla and LBD), and two mattes (Caramel, Morocco).  Deep Plum is a satin finish.  LBD is not a stark black – rather a charcoal/black.  Since it is semi-matte, it will be great on lighter complexions.  My favorites are Caramel & Morocco.  Great shades for me as far as crease/transition, and I love Deep Plum!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette Swatches

Thumb to pinky:  Sangria, Bengal, Chocolate, China Rose, Noir.

The second row of the Tamanna palette has a semi-matte (Bengal), and two mattes (Chocolate and Noir).  The other shades are soooo gorgeous – especially Sangria!!!!  This row is also my favorite.  I love Sangria.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Tamanna Palette Comparison Swatches

You can totally see the difference in LBD and Noir.  Though Caramel and Bengal look similar, Caramel is Bengal’s matte twin.  You could actually wear them in tandem.  Chocolate and Deep Plum look similar, but Chocolate is definitely matte, and Deep Plum has shimmer.  My absolute favorite is Sangria.  Again, the formulas are very creamy, pigmented, easy to blend.

The Anastasia Amrezy Palette is no longer availble on-line.  You may be able to find a palette in an Utla/Sephora/Macys/Nordies store.  The Tamanna is available on the ABS webite, as well as  Really fabulous colors to own, especially if you can find them locally.

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope this was helpful!  kxoxo



NYX Wicked Lippies Review

Hey my lovely people!  I am going to just jump right into this NYX Wicked Lippies Review!


NYX Wicked Lippies

This is a new line of lipsticks from NYX.  My Murphy was very intrigued by these (who am I kidding; he is super nosy every time my camera comes out!!!).  And he wants to be a part of the action!


NYX Wicked Lippies

As much as I LOVE my dark lipsticks, I have never wandered into the “outside of the box” shades – like blue????


NYX Wicked Lippie (L-R) – Sinful, Trickery, Cold Hearted

When NYX introduced this jewel-toned, metallic lip collection, I thought, “What the hell?  I’ll try a few.”  And at $6 a pop, why not?  I figured these shades would be great for Halloween, or a special night out – like a concert?


NYX Wicked Lippie Review (Trickery, Sinful, Cold Hearted)

My picks were Trickery, Cold Hearted, and Sinful (my description of the shades below):


NYX Wicked Lippie Swatches (L-R) – Trickery, Cold Hearted, Sinful

Trickery – an olive/drab green with a gold sheen:


NYX Wicked Lippie in Trickery Closeup

It applied evenly, and is probably the most “wearable” of the shades.


NYX Wicked Lippie in Trickery

I actually like this shade!  You may see me out and about with this one on!

Cold Hearted – charcoal gray with a metallic/silver sheen:


NYX Wicked Lippie Cold Hearted Closeup

I had the highest hopes for this one.  For some reason, I thought a gray lipstick would go great once my hair turned lavender.


NYX Wicked Lippie in Cold Hearted

This one applied very patchy (I’m sure you can see in the above photo).  I may try it with a lip liner base to see if I can get it to work.  I do love this though, and will continue working with this one.  It really is a gorgeous shade!

Sinful – a jewel toned, aqua/teal blue:


NYX Wicked Lippie Sinful Closeup

This baby applied evenly, and was the surprise out of the bunch.


NYX Wicked Lippie

Overall, they applied super smoothly and are very opaque.  They feel a little slippery on the lips – almost like a satin finish lipstick.  Therefore they did require touch ups more frequently.  But the wear time was pretty decent.

I have really enjoyed playing with these shades – great for Halloween or just doing it for fun!

Again, thanks for reading! kxoxo


Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Hello my peeps!  Almost caught up on “The Voice” episodes on the DVR.  I just have to mention that another one of my top 5 favorite chick singers, Stevie Nicks, is an advisor for Adam’s team!  Whoo hoo!!!!  Not to mention her feature on one of my other favorite TV shows, “American Horror Story – Coven” last season.  Stevie has been one of my favorites since  joining Fleetwood Mac back in the seventies, and I believe I’ve been to every solo show she’s done (as well as Fleetwood Mac shows).  She definitely has been a musical influence on me since my late teens, and even now, as I still listen to her solo CDs (as well as the Fleetwood Mac).  And we just found out that a local girl that works at the same Children’s Hospital as the hubs got through the blind auditions, and is on Adam’s Team!  So we Augusta folks definitely need to pull for our homie!

Okay, back to the post at hand.  I’ve yet to do a post on the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows because they were all over the blogosphere.  But after doing a Makeup Geek Blush review yesterday, I thought, “Hey, why not”?? They are really great eye shadows.  Here is the blush review and a little background on the Makeup Geek line.


Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

The MUG (Makeup Geek) shadows can also be purchased in a pan or in a compact.  I prefer pans.  Again, her shadows are made in the US, and are cruelty free, and talc/paraben free.


Z Palette Medium

The Medium Z Palette works the best for me.  It holds 15 pans of shadow.  The MUG pans stick right into this palette.  Your MUG pans will NOT stick in a MAC palette.  Also, your MAC pans will NOT stick in the Z palette.  The Z does come with self-adhesive magnets so you could put any pan in there (and vice/versa), but I just keep my MUG and MAC separate.  Marlena sells the Z palette at the same price as the Z website.  There are many different sizes/patterns/etc, but I just stick to the Medium.  Which only comes in black.  I would love to have a pink palette!!!


Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in a Z palette

The Makeup Geek shadows really are very comparable to MAC – particularly in the neutral/matte/blending shades.  And they are $6 each!  Marlena has a comprehensive list of dupes on her site.  They are just as pigmented and blendable as their expensive counterparts.  Her black shadow, “Corrupt”, is one of the blackest matte shadows I’ve ever used.


Makeup Geek Eye Shadows (top left/right to bottom left/right): Drama Queen, Razzleberry; Mango Tango, Burlesque

I have most of the noteworthy neutral mattes, so I thought I would pick out a few of my favorite shades that are outside the blend/transition/crease shades:

Drama Queen – a dark purple shimmer shade, that looks more like a gunmetal on me;

Razzleberry – a raspberry pink – almost red – with gold glitter – not for everyday, but for a night out;

Mango Tango – a peachy pink with gold flecks – gorgeous for everyday, and such a pretty color;

Burlesque – a deep metallic burgundy, but on me, is a warm coppery bronze.

Swatches (over primer):


Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Swatches (top-to-bottom): Drama Queen, Razzleberry, Mango Tango, Burlesque (over primer)

The dramatic:


Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Drama Queen and Razzleberry



Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Swatches – Razzleberry on left, Drama Queen on right

Razzleberry does have a teeny bit of fallout.  I’ve found if you use it with a glitter eyeshadow primer (like Too Faced Glitter Glue), it works just fine.  However, the shadow is very buildable, so you don’t necessarily need to wear it as intensely.

Oh, the Drama Queen!  It does look like a deep, dark purple on my finger.  It is buildable to that, but the swatch on my arm is just one pass over.

The not-so-dramatic-but-gorgeous:


Makeup Geek Eye Shadows Mango Tango and Burlesque



Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Swatches – Mango Tango on left, Burlesque on right

Mango Tango is just a super gorgeous shade.  Peachy, golden pink!

Burlesque has got to be one of my most favorite shades.  It does indeed look like a deep burgundy, but used lightly, is a gorgeous copper shade.

All of the shadows I’ve tried are super soft, easy to blend, pigmented, and have lasting wear time.  Makeup Geek also ships worldwide (very affordably), but I know my international readers sometimes have to pay extra for duties.  Boo!

I do love everything I have tried from Marlena’s line.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo