Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Review

Hello my beautiful people!  The extreme weather swings we have this time of year in the Southeast really wreak havoc on me.  I’m talking you use your seat warmer/heat in the car in the morning, and then the air conditioner in the afternoon.  Evenings may or may not be cold.  My seasonal allergies may or may not flare up, depending on how warm things get.  So, in short, everything is very confused.  My skin is dried out when I start my day, back to normal at the end of the day.  My poor nose area and lips really suffer.  In short, totally dry out and get flaky (especially if my allergies kick in and I have to blow my nose a lot).  Not cool.  I have been trying out different products to relieve all my dry patches, and wanted to share with you my Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Review.


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

I am a huge fan of Bite Beauty’s lipsticks.  I have had the Agave Lip Mask for a while, and busted it out to get relief for my poor flaky, dried out lips.  Like all products in Bite Beauty’s line, this is all natural/food grade.  The mask is made with organic agave nectar and vanilla CO2 extract.  Gluten and petroleum free.  It smells very pleasantly vanilla, and has a slight vanilla taste.  Not overwhelming like a flavored lip balm.


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

And like the lipsticks, it is packed with Resveratrol, a potent antioxidant.


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

I am not crazy about the packaging.  It is a metal tube, and I can only imagine what it’s going to look like once I get about halfway through.  Not pretty.


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

The formula is very thick and emollient.  The opening in the tube is very narrow, so I find it a bit difficult to squeeze through sometimes.  I have actually plunged a toothpick into the tube to try to – I don’t know???  Maybe break up some air pockets?  Something to make it flow a bit easier out of the container.  It’s sort of hit or miss.

I have applied this every night before bed for the past week.  It is heavy, so when I wake up in the morning, it is still on my lips like the night before.  I don’t know if that is good or bad?  It’s almost like it provides a barrier (hence, mask).  Since my lips have been so dry, I’ve also reapplied after washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc.

Has it helped/healed my dryness/flakiness?  Yes.  However, for the hefty price tag ($26.00), I would have expected better/faster results.  I think my Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue provides the same results at a fraction of the cost.

My intention is not for this to be a negative review.  It did help my lips, but I personally didn’t find it to be anything extraordinary, especially for the price.

Have you tried the Agave Mask?  If so, what are your thoughts?

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo




  1. Kinkycurlyliebe says

    Thank you for the heads up that it’s not worth the money. I’ve been itching to get this because of all the hype. But my spirit tells me it cost waay to much for Vaseline in a squeeze tube lol. But I have Maybelline baby lips as well and I love them. But those Bite beauty lippies though I need in my life!
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  2. El says

    Oh yes, I’ve tried this product and I had the worse reaction to it b/c of the lanolin. Apparently it’s the one thing on this earth I’m allergic to and didn’t know until I tried this! I kind of called this a glorified lip balm even before it started jacking up my lips. Slathering on Vaseline works just as well for me.
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  3. Lauren says

    Oh, I dream of living in a place with 4 real seasons. Sometimes the south gets them, but more of the time it’s just warm and hot! lol I haven’t tried this mask because the packaging just makes it not worth it to me. Everyone seems to have an issue with it, and it’s too high of a price for the trouble. I love bite, though. Maybe they’ll change the packaging, and we’ll all be happy!
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      • kpsays says

        Whew. I thought I was the only one not giving love to the Agave Mask! Yes, we really can’t complain because you have hot, hot, hot, and warm. We get a teeny bit of cool/cold. But a beautiful country in which to live!

    • kpsays says

      I know, right? We go from hot to cold. Maybe 2 weeks of Fall and Spring! But, hey, at least we don’t have sub-zero temps and snow/ice! Right? Yes, the packaging is a bit ick! But Bite is an awesome brand!

  4. Jackie L. says

    I have been trying this at the store but I just can’t get over the thickness texture and how it just sat on the back of my wrist, like nothing seems to be sinking in to the skin to help it moisturize! I have been using different drugstore lip balms (EOS, Softlips, Babylips, Aquaphor) thinking variety would help LOL! I also use this TonyMoly Lip treatment with snail extract at night and that has helped my lips from chapping with all this weather craziness.
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  5. Shannon says

    i love bite products, i did a review of their lip scrub on my blog! :) i’ve been wondering about the agave lip mask but perhaps i’ll go with something else instead…thanks for the honest review!

  6. Julie says

    We were stationed in NC for three years, and I remember how bi-polar the weather was! At least here in South Florida it’s pretty consistent year round – hot lol. Anyways, I’ve heard this metal tube is such a headache to deal with. Hopefully they re-package soon! I’m in love with LUSH Honey Trap lip balm, it makes my chronic dry lips very hydrated! :)
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  7. Erin says

    I’ve thought about getting this one, but hesitated because of the price, so I’m glad to hear your thoughts on the overall value. I recently found that the Jack Black balm is super effective for me, which is nice because it’s considerably cheaper. I just don’t love its texture/smell/applicator, so I’m still sort of on a search. Love Baby Lips for day to day use, though!
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    • kpsays says

      Nuxe Reve De Miel is probably my #1 favorite!!!! It does stay on the lips until morning, but you can tell it’s softened your lips. This one was like a barrier that didn’t really produce results in the morning! I SO love the Bite lippies, but this balm was a miss for me :(