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Asian Broccoli Slaw Recipe

Summer is coming to an end, but this easy Asian Broccoli Slaw recipe can be made up anytime you feel like having a change of pace for a salad or side dish.  It is light, refreshing, and has a great crunch!  Yes, it is made with dreaded ramen noodles, but I justify figure it is dispersed throughout this big salad, so you’re only eating a tiny bit per serving :)

picture of Asian Broccoli Slaw ingredients

Asian Broccoli Slaw ingredients

The star of this recipe is the pre-packaged broccoli slaw that you can find in your grocer’s produce section.  It is chock full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, as all veggies are!

picture of Dole Broccoli Slaw package

Dole Broccoli Slaw package

Recipe below.  My step by step after the recipe.  Note that you will need to chill the salad for an hour before serving to allow the flavors to blend:

  • 2 packages ramen noodles (I use chicken)
  • 1 package of broccoli slaw
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • 1/4 cup sesame seeds, toasted
  • 1/2 cup oil of your choice (I find Olive Oil a bit too heavy for the dressing)
  • 6 tablespoons rice wine vinegar*
  • 2 tablespoons sesame oil*
  • 5 oz. sliced almonds

*I use “real” Asian rice wine vinegar and sesame oil, but you should be able to find these in your grocer’s Asian food isle if you don’t have access to an Asian grocer.

  • Remove flavor packets from the ramen noodles.  You will need two packets for the dressing, but I only use one block of ramen noodles for the salad (I throw the other block out. However, you CAN use both blocks for the salad).
  • Toast the sesame seeds.
  • Mix the broccoli slaw, green onions, and toasted sesame seeds in a bowl.
  • Blend the 2 flavor packets, oil (your choice), rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil.  Toss with the broccoli slaw mixture.  Cover, and chill for one hour.
  • Break the ramen noodles into tiny bits.  Toast them with the sliced almonds in a skillet.  Allow to cool, then combine with the slaw mixture that you’ve chilled for an hour.

Note – if you’re not going to serve the slaw immediately, or are taking it to a pot-luck, keep the ramen noodle/almond mixture separate, and combine when you’re ready to serve.

I start with toasting the sesame seeds:

picture of Toasted sesame seeds

Toasted sesame seeds

Start with a small, cold skillet.  Add the sesame seeds, and toast on medium/medium low, stirring occasionally.  KEEP AN EYE ON THESE BABIES! They will burn in a skinny minute.  It should take about 10 minutes.

Then, toast the ramen noodles and sliced almonds (these will be added at the very end):

picture of Ramen noodles and almonds

Ramen noodles and almonds

Again, make sure the almonds don’t burn!!

Mix the dressing up, toss with the slaw toasted sesame seeds, and refrigerate for an hour:

picture of asian-broccoli-slaw-recipe6

Going into the fridge!

Voila!  Yummy goodness!  Reminds me of summer every time I eat it :)

picture of asian-broccoli-slaw-recipe

Finished product!

One of my favorite salads!  I hope y’all will try it, if you like Asian flavors!

Thanks for reading!  kxoxo