ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadow

Hello my lovelies!  Thank you so much for your kind words/thoughts on the passing of my sweet baby Atticus.  It really meant a lot seeing your comforting messages.  We’re still trying to get back on track.  Mr. KP left earlier for an ice fishing trip this weekend to Minnesota.  NO WAY in hell I’m doing that.  It’s cold enough here in Georgia.  So, I will keep the homestead down, and blog about makeup.  I have been stricken with an awful sinus/head/chest crud that’s made me miserable.  Throw into that several bouts of crying = not a pretty face for blog photos.  I trudge on….


ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadow

Today I want to talk about ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadows!  I usually try to keep my products in the same order when I photograph them, but for some reason these wound up all over the place.


ColourPop Shipping Packaging

My order was shipped completely enshrouded in the best packaging possible.  No damage.  I think it says a lot about a company that takes great care to ensure your goodies arrive to you safe and sound.  And, you get a hand written thank you note.  How awesome is that????  Thank you ColourPop for thinking I have the goods with which to twerk.  As always, the photographs do not do these babies justice.  They are so beautiful and sparkly!  And they are all sort of a duo chrome glittery finish.


My choices (L-R, top to bottom): Dare, So Quiche; Krinkle, Vixen

I love the packaging.  So simple.  Screw top with a window to see the color.


ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadows (Top L – Dare, Top R – Krinkle; Bottom L – So Quiche, Bottom R – Vixen

Told you that I was all over the place.  So, let’s discuss each shadow individually!  The descriptions are in my own words, based on how they show up on me.



ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadow Dare

This shows up more like a fuchsia pink than purple; there is a bit of pink and purple glitter mixed in.  I really like it.



ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadow Krinkle

This is a true aqua shade to me – with bits of silver and gold mixed in.  It makes me think of a mermaid – hey, Julie, this is truly a shade for you!

So Quiche:

**Before I talk about this beauty, I dropped it from about 5 FT onto my tile floor before I took the closeup**


ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadow So Quiche

This is a beautiful gold with with a tinge of pink glitter.  I think it shows how great this brand is – in that it still held together, despite my clumsiness.  So Yay ColourPop!



Colourpop Super Shock Eye Shadow Vixen

This was a Limited Edition shade offered during Cyber Monday.  It is a great rust/copper brown. Just wanted to show it in the event it was offered again.  I am not really sure why it doesn’t have the honeycomb pattern the others do???


ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadow Finger Swatches (Top to bottom: Dare, Krinkle, So Quiche, Vixen)


**Please excuse my ratchet nails.  I was in dire need of a mani, but it got put on the back burner.  The situation has since been remedied.**


ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadow Swatches (L-R: Dare, Krinkle, So Quiche, Vixen)

These were swatched without primer.  As you can see, they aren’t as “metallic” looking when blended out.  Dare and Krinkle applied more sheer than I would have imagined.  But don’t get me wrong, I love them.  You can always apply over a darker base for more opaqueness.  Of course, if you are fairer complected, they will probably be pretty vibrant.

The formula of these shadows is hard to describe.  They feel sort of sponge-y in the pot, like you could push your finger all the way through.  I’m sure that’s possible.  But it really is a powder.

Fallout was minimal.  Really.


ColourPop Dare Eye Shadow

Y’all know I am not a makeup artist by any stretch of the imagination, but this is Dare on my peepers.  I didn’t apply lashes or do crazy eyeliner so you could get the full gist of the color.  Damn small lid space and hooded Asian eyes (and lashes!!!!).

For me, the best way to apply these shadows is with my finger.  I do use a teeny, compact eye shadow brush from Coastal Scents to work it into my inner eyelid, because if I used my finger, it would be halfway to the bridge of my nose (damn lid space again!).

ColourPop products are $5, and made right here in the US.  And cruelty free.  For those of you outside of the States, they are adding more countries that they ship to.  Stay tuned for my lipstick reviews from ColourPop.

In all seriousness, I embrace my ethnicity and my quirks.  They are what make me, “ME”.   Y’all give yourselves a big hug, and love all the things that set you apart from others.

Again, thanks for reading!

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  1. Adwoa says

    Mama Karen! Oh my gosh I’m now officially obsessed by ColourPop! These colours are insane- so gorgeous. And the purple looks ravishing on you. Hmmm I wonder how much shipping to London is? LOL! ♥

    • kpsays says

      It will probably cost you your soul and your first born :D I hate shipping is so high to international locations! Hell, just order some when you come this year!

  2. jules says

    Wow these are stunning. And for the record, I have no lid space, hooded eyes and short straight lashes without any of the features that make you asian ladies so beautiful. Boo to being scottish !

  3. Agata says

    I love the shades you pick. I really want to try some of the Color Pop products but the selection is so huge that I can never decide what to pick. I am tempted to try their matte eyeshadows and some of the lippies…But then again, which ones?

    That purple sparkly shade is gorgeous, right up my alley!
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  4. Kaley says

    You were nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award for bloggers by another blogger who supports you! :) I have named your blog in this post here and, in order to accept, you can visit for rules/pass on details:
    NO WORRIES if you do not want to complete the steps and get the award. I know these things take a lot of time and work just wanted to give you the opportunity!!

    • kpsays says

      Thank you sweetie! I will see if I can get around to it as I am so behind on my blog schedule because of life getting in the way. Can you believe it??? ;)

    • kpsays says

      Hi Sissi. Not sure which one you are referring to, but one I dropped and it got a bit smashed, one I actually did photograph after I used it because I forgot beforehand :D

    • kpsays says

      Thank you Julie! I thought I was on the mend, but starting to feel a bit yuck today. So just taking it easy. Let me know when you order yours!

    • kpsays says

      I’m sure as fast as they are catching on here, they will be in your corner of the world soon! Such a shame shipping costs overseas is so much! There are UK brands I’d love to try, but the shipping is so much :(