Come With Me! Athens, GA

This past weekend, we attended the first UGA home game in Athens, GA.  We played against South Carolina, who beat us soundly the past three seasons.  This time, we WON!!  What a great game!

Of course, it was a horrid balmy 97 degrees during the game. Our seats just happen to be in the section that is the last to get any shade as the sun sets.  Our stadium holds over 90,000, and it was a full house.  My special guest wrote his predictions for this season here.

picture of The line to enter the stadium

The line to enter the stadium

The view from our seats:

picture of uga football

View from our seats

We traveled with the pups.  We always try to stay at the Foundry Park Inn, as they are dog friendly.  They even do a “pet setup”, which includes a feather bed, and food/water bowls.  The rooms are quite nice.  There is even a full service spa.

picture of standard poodle


picture of Sitting area, Foundry Park Inn, Athens, GA

Sitting area, Foundry Park Inn, Athens, GA

There is also a great music venue at the hotel called the “Melting Point”.  It is very intimate and a great place to see a band.  Athens has a great live music culture, and has produced world famous acts such as REM and The B-52’s.

picture of melting-point-athens-ga

Melting Point, Athens, GA

picture of melting-point-athens-ga-stage

Stage in the Melting Point, Athens, GA

I had the most delicious victory cocktail there – a cucumber caprioska!  It is a blend of cucumber vodka, muddled cucumbers, lemon juice, and a splash of soda.  Refreshing after baking in the heat!  Sorry for the picture quality, as this was taken from my cell phone.

picture of cucumber-caprioska

Cucumber Caprioska

The rest of the weekend was spent knocking around beautiful downtown Athens with the dogs, and eating at some of the fabulous restaurants in Athens.  My favorite place is “The Last Resort Grill”.  If you ever visit Athens, this place is a must.  I would suggest reservations.  They have an awesome Sunday brunch that is packed.  If you want to be sure you get a table, get there about 30 minutes before they open and stand in line.  It is worth it!  My favorite entree is the salmon & grits.  They also have heavenly homemade cakes.

There is also another great restaurant, “DePalma”.  Order the combo breadsticks (one is onion and spinach, the other is meatball and cheese.  It is made with real bread, braided with onion/spinach or meatball/cheese.   Nice salad, and whew!  That is a tasty meal in itself,

picture of last-restort-grill-athens-ga

Last Resort Grill, Athens, GA

We did check out Herschel Walker’s new eating establishment, Herschel’s Famous 34 Pub & Grill:

picture of herschels-famous-34-pub-grill-athens-ga

Herschel’s Famous 34 Pub & Grill

I cannot even begin to describe what a hero Herschel is to UGA football.  I dare say he is one of the BEST college athletes EVER.  His place, however, was just so-so.  Very limited menu, and the food was nothing to write home about.  But a UGA fan must pay homage to any establishment relating to our beloved running back, #34!!

Looking forward to a great college football season!  GO DAWGS!!

Thanks for reading! kxoxo