Current Evening Skincare Routine

Hello Lovelies!  After the (ho-hum) Golden Globes, and the announcement of the Oscar nominated movies this year, I realized I had not seen any of the said films.  I hate when that happens.  Must correct.  Hubs and I are planning to see “American Sniper” this weekend (NO spoilers please!!!!).  Last night, we watched “Boyhood”.  While I think the concept of filming actors over a twelve year period is absolute genius, the almost three hour story left me me wanting a bit more.  I do love me some Patricia Arquette though!

Onto my current evening skincare routine!


Current Evening Skincare Routine

Much like my morning ritual, I am a bit of a stickler in terms of staying with the tried and true.  I don’t change my skincare up that much.


Current Evening Skincare Routine

First thing at night, makeup removal.

I have been using the Maybelline Clean Express eye makeup remover for a while. You can’t really see it in the photo, but there is a bottom layer and top layer that requires shaking up to blend, although the formula is oil free.  I am not sure exactly how that works, but it works.  Pour it on a cotton pad, hold it against your lashes for a few seconds to melt away the mascara, then swipe away the rest of your eye makeup.  It does not sting, and is very gentle.  And you can actually see afterwards because you don’t have heavy, oily makeup remover in your eyes.

That being said, I am totally in love with cleansing oils for the rest of my face.  I had been using Philosophy’s “Purity Made Simple” (liquid) cleanser for years.  When they came out with an oil version (mineral oil free), I was all about it.  You simply apply this ultra lightweight oil all over your face, massage it it in, apply a bit of warm water to emulsify, rinse off, and you’re good!


Clarisonic Luxe Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head

However, I do use my Clarisonic  Mia at night (after emulsifying the Philosophy cleansing oil).  The Luxe Cashmere Cleanse brush is the reason why.  I know the photo looks like the brush is wacky out-of-focus, but it is so luxe soft, it really looks like that (like the top of the actual brush head box!).  I used the Sensitive skin brush initially, but found it tended to make my skin a little pink.  This brush is extremely gentle but still cleans really well.  I do love my Clarisonic, but use it only at night.


Current Evening Skincare Routine

After the cleansing ritual, I apply my prescription skincare eye cream, and Renova.

picture-of-Shiseido Bio Performance Advanced Super Revatilizing Cream

Shiseido Bio Performance Advanced Super Revatilizing Cream

Final step is my beloved Shiseido Bio-Perfromance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream.  Especially when it’s cold.

I am still testing out a few new products.  Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Rose Keats says

    I really want to see Boyhood, it’s been on my list of ‘to see’ ever since I heard about the concept! I haven’t tried the Philosophy Purity cleanser but always hear good things, an oil version might be the tiny last bit of motivation I needed to swing me into picking this up! x
    Rose Keats recently posted…Ratatouille Land, Disneyland ParisMy Profile

  2. Lucy says

    Love the new blog design. You have a great evening skin care routine. I have only tried one cleansing oil but I really love it. The purity one sounds great. I have wanted one of the clarisonic for a while they sound like they do wonders for the skin. Shiseido do such wonderful products, I haven’t tried this one normally a every day moisturiser Lucy x
    Lucy recently posted…The Little Yellow DoorMy Profile

  3. Adwoa says

    Hi Mama Karen! Loved this post, everything looks so luxe and gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to incorporate oil cleansing into my daily routine. Also is it really weird that whenever I try makeup removers I still can’t sleep until I’ve actually washed my face?? Creature of habit LOL xo
    Adwoa recently posted…Hot Child in The City: New York!My Profile

    • kpsays says

      Thanks for visiting Tiff! If you get a chance to try the Cashmere head, definitely do. It is very kind to my sensitive skin! I enjoyed Boyhood (especially the concept), but I wanted to see more about what happened to everyone. That’s just me though (weirdo).

    • kpsays says

      I don’t know if one is different from the other? I have noticed an improvement in my skin since using the Clarisonic. But they may all be the same.

    • kpsays says

      The bottle states it removes waterproof mascara. I do find when I wear waterproof, it takes a couple of cotton pads to remove. It gets the job done, but sometimes when it comes to waterproof, you just have to use the oily, blur causing pads :D

  4. Lily says

    I have been using the Maybelline Clean Express, the gel version, for a long time and I love it! I also use the Purity face wash…I haven’t tried the oil though.
    Did you like American Sniper?!? My husband and I loved it!
    Lily recently posted…Evian Facial Spray*My Profile

    • kpsays says

      We LOVED American Sniper. I might have to try the gel version of Clean Express! And if you get a chance, definitely try the Philosophy oil. I love it.

  5. Julie says

    Don’t worry, every year at award shows I’m always lost because I don’t ever have time to watch all those movies either! lol My husband saw American Sniper last week and said it was great, intense, but great. He’s a Marine, so he’s into those types of films. I used to use that Philosophy oil and loved it!! Once I finish my MAC oil, I might go back to that one!
    Julie recently posted…Allure Sample Society v. Birchbox {Round 1!}My Profile

  6. chrisylla octavia says

    I really want to try the Purity cleanser. I have been looking for a great oil cleanser, but I haven’t found any that suits me, I guess I’m gonna go for this one:D Thanks for sharing!