Ducky Tales Part 2 – Newborn Update

Welcome to Ducky Tales part 2.  This is our newborn update.  Part one of this saga is here.

We have made it to day 5!  We now know, thanks to our super smart niece Carol, that our beloved Ducky is a Mourning Dove.  After much research on the internet/YouTube, I have discovered that baby doves do not “gape” for food with their mouths open like most songbirds.  They are actually fed by both the Mother and Father, who regurgitate “crop milk” which is like infant formula. The baby doves then put their heads into their parent’s mouth to feed, sort of like a hummingbird feeding on a flower to get the nectar.  That explains why he wasn’t opening his mouth when we attempted to feed him with a syringe!

So, how to feed this baby? Believe it or not, they make a hand feeding formula for baby birds (more on that on my next post).  We decided on the ziploc method.  It is similar to hand piping cake decorations and Spritz cookies.  You chuck the formula into a ziploc, snip the corner of the baggie, place the bird’s beak into the opening, and “pipe” away!!

picture of Feeding baby mourning dove

Feeding baby mourning dove

Honestly, he LOVES it.  He understands it.  He stomps his little feet, flaps his little wings, and chirps with delight as he’s eating it.  You see his little beak opening up inside that ziploc.

picture of Feeding baby dove.

Feeding baby dove.

picture of Feeding baby dove.

Feeding baby dove.

picture of Feeding baby dove.

Feeding baby dove.

It does get a bit messy.  We also learned that the food needs to be between 103 degrees and 105 degrees prior to feeding.  So we are making formula, checking the temp, reheating when necessary, and checking the temp again with our Thermapen.  Who would’ve thought this would be the best thing we’ve ever used that Thermapen for!!!  Overdone pork chops – who cares??

He does look like a mess after feeding time, but he loves when I wipe the excess off with a warm paper towel.  He just sits there and lets me clean him up.  So, he no longer looks like he has a flesh eating bacteria like the last post.

picture of baby dove collage

baby dove collage

This has been such a rewarding experience.  Indeed we have grown very attached to this little baby dove.  I am so grateful to everyone who has helped us figure out the right thing to do with this little bird.  The people who posted videos of their experience on YouTube.  The bloggers who have detailed their labor of love to save a little life.  I have reached out to all of those folks to let them know what a blessing they have been to us in our little endeavor.  My hope is that someone later on down the line, who comes across a helpless baby bird, will be helped by my contribution.  I believe the next installment will be a blog post, but we absolutely need to put a video on YouTube to help others.

Do I need to say more?

picture of baby dove

Baby dove

Snuggling with his Daddy.


picture of baby dove

Baby dove

How his wing span has grown.

I thank you all for your thoughts/prayers for our little warrior.  I am confident now that he’s made it 5 days he will be okay!!!  Next update in 2 days!

Again, really THANK YOU for reading!!! kxoxo

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  1. Anna Seigler says


    It thrills my heart to read your blog and the enjoyment you are sharing with us through Lucky Ducky. I have smiled all the way through both of your blogs and can’t wait to read updates.
    Welcome to the world of wild life rehabbing!

    Prayers are going up for you and Lucky Ducky!