Ducky Tales Part 4 – Leaving The Crib

Day 15 update – no, he did not “leave” the crib, as in flying away free.  He was starting to get really active, flapping his wings, and quickly outgrowing the original cardboard box he called home.  So, here is his toddler bunk beds, if you will……

picture of wild baby bird cage

Ducky’s new room!

There was no adjustment period at all.  We got his cage ready, put him in there, and he made himself at home!

So, there’s really not much to update, as he is continuing to grow and really getting a personality.  I know.  Go ahead and roll your eyes.  He just gets so excited to see us when it’s feeding time.  Even if we’re on the screened porch for other reasons, he get’s very feisty and vocal if we don’t give him attention or let him out.  We are still struggling to keep him clean from his baby bird formula feedings.  We are getting better at it, as he is now using a much larger syringe to eat from, and we have fashioned a “bib” from paper towels to put under his beak.  He has also started preening himself like a big boy.

We actually had a major breakthrough that will help with the formula gunk on his face and chest…..


picture of wild baby dove eating seed

Ducky in his seed feeder.

picture of baby dove eating seeds

Ducky in his seed feeder.

Doves are seed eaters, so we are relieved he has started eating what he is supposed to.  We still supplement with the baby formula, but he is taking more and more to eating seeds.  We have also started adding grit into his food to help with the digestion of his new diet.

The puppies have been so curious about the new visitor staying on the screened porch.  After letting Ducky get acclimated to his new room for a couple of days, we let him meet the puppies.

They love each other!!

picture of dog and wild dove

Fiona and Ducky

picture of baby dove and dog

Fiona and Ducky

Sheldon has met Ducky as well, but I couldn’t get any good photos of him being still.  Ducky is just as curious about the dogs as they are of him.

Please don’t ask if the cats will be allowed to meet Ducky.  The answer is absolutely, positively NOT.

Thank you all for your interest and support in our little endeavor to save this little bird.  He has proved to be a little fighter.  Despite our lack of knowledge and the mistakes we made initially, he has just hung in there, and is doing great.  Proud birdie parents we are!!!

Thanks for reading!  kxoxo

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