Ducky Tales Part 5 – Visitors!

We have made it to day 25!  Things have been going quite smoothly.  Ducky continues to grow and become more coordinated with his flying ability.  He is mostly eating seeds now, but we continue to supplement his diet with the baby formula.  (also check outdoor cat house reviews on my friend’s blog)

Below is a picture taken on day one and one taken today:

collage of wild baby dove

Ducky then and now.

Yes, he still has those dried on bits of food on him that we cannot seem to get rid of.  He is getting new feathers daily, so hopefully those will fall off to reveal beautiful, clean feathers!

One of my dearest friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time came to spend a Sunday afternoon with me, bringing her two adorable little girls in tow!  They live a couple of hours away, so it was a wonderful treat to be able to catch up with her and spend time with her precious daughters.  They were both enthralled with Ducky, especially his feeding routine.

picture of wild baby dove

Look at the intent look on Little A’s face!

picture of wild baby dove.

Big sister A and Ducky.

Big sis A. Ducky showing of his wing flap!

Big sis A. Ducky showing of his wing flap!

Ducky enjoyed meeting these two sweethearts, and put on quite a show for them.

I’m noticing a little line of blue feathers on his underbelly, right under his wings.

picture of wild baby dove

Who’s a handsome dove boy?

This photo taken from my new Android phone.  Was messing around with the camera/effects.  I think it turned out quite nice!

picture of wild baby dove

Immersed in sepia.

This concludes the current episode of Ducky Tales.  If you’re new to our series, you can catch up here.  Thanks to everyone for their support and interest in our baby dove.  I guess he’s kind of a teen dove now.

Thanks for reading!  kxoxo & DUCKY (peep-peep).