Ducky Tales Part 7 – Teen Angst.

I know it’s been a while since the last update on my little Ducky.  He has just been doing so well, and growing like a weed.  And I must say, he is quite the handsome young dove!



He has been with us for two months and 5 days now.  I always think he’s gotten to be such a big boy, then I see the other full grown doves that visit our backyard.  He’s about half their size.

We put a small glass pyrex baking dish full of water on the porch for him to bathe in.  He loves it.  I’ve tried to take photos, but they turn out to be nothing but a big blur.  If this warm weather holds out, I will take a Vine video to include in my next update.

The reason I named this update “Teen Angst” is that he is prone to moodiness.  Most days, he is very loving, and wants to hang out with us.  Other days, he is very standoff-ish, and will run from us.  He has full reign of the screened porch during the day, but when the dogs have to go out, we put him back in his cage.  Usually, no problem.  But sometimes, he will run away (and his little dove legs can MOVE when he wants), and hide under the furniture.  Then keep running.

Also, he spends a lot of time preening/grooming himself.

picture of wild dove

Ducky puffed up

picture of wild dove rescue

Ducky making sure he looks good from any angle


Really checking his look!



Doing his weird stretching routine?

His mourning dove “coo” is becoming more pronounced.  It is very noticeable in the morning.  Once, I was sitting outside with him, and he started making this odd sound.  So odd I thought he was choking on something and I needed to take him to the vet.  Then it stopped.  It does happen every now and then, still.  Guess he’s figuring out his vocal ability.

Y’all know I’ve been referring to him as a boy.  I need to do more research on Google as to when doves lay eggs.  From what I understand, they lay eggs without a partner (if they are female).  Time will tell I reckon!

Thank you all for asking about Ducky and your interest in him.  If you are new to our story, the first part of our journey is here. Also check the new hutch I just bought for my dove, this outdoor hutch can be used for rabbit, chicken, duck and dove, check the reviews at

See y’all in our next update!  Coo-cooooooo!



Thanks for reading!  kxoxo





    • kpsays says

      Nami-san genki deska? I LOVE your blog. I cannot read it when I’m hungry. I just bought the ingredients for the dango. Will send you pictures after I make them. Have a good week :)