Ducky Tales – Part 8

Hey Everyone!  It’s hard to believe Ducky has been with us since August 1.  He’s been a bit under the weather unfortunately.  He is favoring his left wing, and is not flying very well.  Almost like it hurts.  When he is out of his cage, he just goes into a corner of the porch and stays there.  So he’s been in his cage for the past few days.  He is drinking and eating, but not as much as he usually does.  He is a big eater, and actually picks through his seed cup, munching up his favorites and leaving the ones he doesn’t particularly care for.

The only thing we can think of that might have affected him is some construction that’s been going on around here.  They are fixing all the manhole covers in our neighborhood, and they started jackhammer-ing very early one morning.  I’m talking several jackhammers at once.  When they got to our street, our dogs and cats scrambled for cover.  We heard Ducky outside flying around panicked in his cage.  We calmed him down and put extra covers on his cage.  He seemed to relax.  I’m thinking maybe while he was flapping around in the confines of his cage, he might have injured his wing.  Don’t laugh, but if he isn’t better by Monday, he will be going to the vet.  The construction drama happened this past Tuesday.

Anyways, here are some pics of my pretty boy, before he started feeling bad.  He perched on the bar of the screened porch, and spread all of his wings out for me to see.  He has done a full molt, and all his big boy/winter feathers have come in.  I could’ve made a couple of pillows with the fallout!  This was before his full tail feathers came in.  It seemed to happen overnight.


Ducky’s pretty feathers


This was taken today

Do you see the purple/pink area of his neck?  NO, it isn’t blood!!  I had always commented to Joey about how Ducky had this beautiful iridescent pink area on his neck/throat.  It’s hard to capture on film.  I can really see it when he’s in the sun.  Well, those signs point to him being a boy!  All my research points to males having a dark/almost blue tinged head, with pink/rose feathers around the neck/throat area.  Of course, the females are more of a “dull” uniform color, minus the pretty feathers.


His pretty tail feathers!

One more quick story.  Several weeks ago, we had outdoor accent lighting installed for the front of our house.  The guy was strictly working on the front of the house, and the only access he needed to the backyard was the crawl space.  So, he’s working away.  I happened to have the blinds completely drawn up since we had the windows open.  I was in the kitchen, and out of the corner of my eye, I see him go up to the screened porch, prop the door open, and start walking in.  I drop everything, and open the door, thinking he might have needed to be on the porch for some reason?  He says, “Ma’am, there’s a wild bird on your porch!  I’m trying to get him out.”  I say, “Oh, no!  He is our pet!”  He was very sorry, and said, “Well ma’am, I’m glad you were here, because I was on a mission to shoo that bird off your porch”.  Another reason I think Ducky was meant to live, and live with us.

If you haven’t read my post about our trip to New Orleans for Joey’s birthday, we just seem to have an affinity for doves!!!


Could this be Ducky’s cousin?

Thank you all for your support and concern for our little dove.  When I see the graphic of his picture for this series, it just blows my mind that he is doing so well.  The start of our journey is here. You can also check my friend’s reviews on outdoor hutchs for rabbit, chicken and dove!

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo