Ducky Tales Part 6 – Teenager!

My baby dove is growing up!  He has now been with us for one month and 8 days!

picture of wild-baby-dove-rescue

My boy being charming!

He is very much used to the camera, since I’ve been documenting his progress on my little blog.  He actually poses!  And you will be happy to note, his icky baby food globs are no longer on his little person, as he’s grown new feathers.  He is looking rather spiffy!!!

First, he is now completely off of the baby formula.  He is a big boy eating seeds, fruits, and his favorite treat, millet spray.

Second, he is completely spoiled.  We went out of town this past weekend to see our beloved Georgia Bulldogs play the Carolina Gamecocks in Athens (post to follow!).  So my boy was left alone for the first time.  I made sure he had enough seed, water, etc.

When we got home, he pouted.  Really.  He ran away from me when I tried to take him out of his cage.  Once I got him out, he flew into a corner and wouldn’t come to me.  One of the milestones we reached was him flying out of his cage when his door was open to see us.  He came around eventually.  But he did pout.

His story in photos:

picture of wild-baby-dove-rescue

til you love me, papa, paparazzi!

picture of wild-baby-dove-rescue

I’m puffing my feathers to look handsome!

He is growing up.  He is starting to make the sweet mourning dove “coo coo” sounds.  He no longer makes the little baby “chirp chirp” sounds he made when we were hand-feeding him (I must admit, I miss that).  He has learned to preen his feathers, and makes quite a show of grooming himself:

picture of wild-baby-dove-rescue

Gotta look nice for the ladies!

I am so happy that he has progressed so well.  He still has to work on his flying skills.  His cage is on our screened porch, and during the day, we leave him out and let him have free reign.  But his flying is not so good.  I’m hoping it will improve in the days to come!

And my baby says, “Goodnight my friends!”:

picture of wild-baby-dove-rescue

Night Night!

**I really hope that he is a boy.**

The start of our journey begins here.

I was so touched today to see a comment on my blog from another person who found a baby dove, saying my feeding method helped them feed their baby.  If you are someone finding this random post on the internet, and need help with a baby dove, please e-mail me at  I will be happy to help in any way I can.  Lord knows, I had a lot of help. >> Also check the top outdoor cat shelter reviews on my friend’s blog!

Thanks for reading!  kxoxo