Dyson Digital Slim D35 Cordless Vacuum Review

Whaaaat?  Yes, this is indeed a household appliance post (not sponsored).  I really wanted to share my Dyson Digital Slim D35 Cordless Vacuum Review because it is such a time saver that really helps you keep your house clean.  Makes life really simple.  Who doesn’t need a bit of that?

As many of you know, I share my house with a bunch of pets.  Fortunately, my 78 pound fur baby (the largest) does not shed, since he is a poodle.  But everyone else produces enough fluff to make several sweaters.  Per day.  My house sometimes looks like a set from an old time Western ghost town movie with all the fur “tumbleweeds” that roll about.  Keeping my floors clean is practically a part-time job.  So whether you’ve got pets, children, busy career, or all of the above, this baby is a lifesaver.


Dyson Digital Slim D35 Cordless Vacuum

If you’re not familiar with Dyson products, they make everything foolproof.  All the components click together seamlessly and everything is clearly marked.  Another plus is that it is easy to disassemble and clean.  So no icky smells carrying over each time you fire up the machine.

At the heart of this unit is the “motor” itself.


Dyson Digital Slim D35 Cordless Vacuum Motor

As you can see, there is a place to attach all the components, an easy to use empty button, and the power button you press while doing the vacuuming (the blue section houses the filter, which has easy access and is easy to clean).

At the back of the unit/handle, there is a “boost” button to give you exta oomph if needed.


Dyson DC 35 Digital Slim Cordless Vaccum Boost Button

I couldn’t take a full picture of the above unit with the extension rod in place (as shown on the box in the first photo).  But you snap it on at the attachment nozzle.  It allows you to use it more or less as a floor vacuum, or to reach high corners of your house to suck up cobwebs or anything else lurking higher up.  Again, my trusty model Murphy is helping.  One of the culprits of me needing this in the first place.


Dyson Extension Tool

The first attachment is the motorized floor tool.  It can be used on carpet or any surface.


Dyson D35 Motorized Floor Tool

It also comes with a charging station, combination tool, and crevice tool (that easily snaps into the attachment nozzle).


Dyson Charging Station, Crevice Tool, Combination Tool

You an also use it as a hand vac, as all the accessories fit directly into the attachment nozzle.


Dyson Hand Vacuum

It is cordless, and when not in use, you should keep it charging (I haven’t mounted my charging station yet!).  It lasts between 15 minutes to 6 minutes, depending which tools you use and if you use the boost button.  No matter what I do, it lasts long enough for me to get the cat/dog fur up.  The suction is so powerful it even picks up any sand/dirt.  And it is very lightweight!

I love that you can use it as a floor/high area vacuum, as well as a handheld.  Beats the crap out of the Dustbuster from the days of old!  You can use this to easily clean your stairs inside as well as your car outside!

Nothing beats a good ‘ol full size vacuum and mop for cleaning floors, but this supplements my in between cleanings fantastically!  My “real” vacuum is a Dyson as well.

It is rather pricey at $299.  I purchased mine during Black Friday when Dyson was offering 20% off, and Ebates had a deal.  Keep an eye out for other retailers that sell this for deals (Target, Sears, Bed, Bath, & Beyond).  It really is a great cordless vac!  The specs of all the scientific details that I don’t understand are on the Dyson website. For bunny lover, also check the best indoor & outdoor rabbit hutch reviews!

Again, thanks for reading! kxoxo




  1. Betti says

    I would love a Dyson I walk past them and day dream about it gliding over my floors and no loss of suction lol;) Thanks for sharing your lovely cleaning tool as I go now and have Dyson cleaning envy haha:)

  2. IrishMum says

    I have had a lot of hand held vacuums, and my Dyson is by far the best. We have had it for about 5 years, and it is still going strong. Great products, and really easy for kids to do a quick vacuum :)
    IrishMum recently posted…Happy Boys!My Profile

    • kpsays says

      I hate it’s so expensive! I finagled the best deal I could for Black Friday Ebates, so I saved a bit of money. I think it is so worth it. Whether you have kids, pets, sloppy teens, sloppy husbands, it makes it all bearable. Nice to hear someone has the same opinion! Thank you IrishMum! x

    • kpsays says

      Amen sista!!! Gonna work on pricing out side trips for this summer. See what prices are like. Generally here, 3 weeks prior gives best rates, but we shall see! It does work great on cat fur, especially under the furniture. We need to Skype soon! xo

  3. Mariko @ Budziak Beauty says

    Ugh I need to get one of these to clean our 2 flights of stairs. I hate that fur loves to find its’ way in the cracks of stairs -_- I’m skeptical of cordless products, the cordless vacuums my family had growing up never held charges well and lacked power, although I’m glad you’ve been using this for a few months, giving us a dependable review. I’ll have to look in to it! Dyson is funny – I remember when they marketed their “bladeless fan” when really, the blade was hidden within the fan. Anyways, as long as it works, I think it’ll be worth looking in to.
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    • kpsays says

      It really does work, and maintains suction! Though it lasts for about 12 minutes, but that’s long enough to do stairs/under furniture/the obvious blobs of fur. Cats are a lot of work ;)