Fierce Females: Samantha Stephens

Thanks to my friend Rosie from A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe, I am starting a Sunday Series on the blog – Fierce Females!  She came up with this concept to celebrate the women who have inspired/shaped/influenced her life.  I read her first post, and I totally dug it!  So, thank you Rosie for being an Influencer, and allowing me to totally copy your idea!


My first pick is Samantha Stephens from my FAVORITE-EST show EVER, Bewitched!!!


Though she is totally fictional, I so wanted to be her when I was growing up.  I loved that she married a mortal (first Darrin was the best!), could twitch her nose to get out of trouble, and had the most over the top family!  And I thought the house they lived in was the most amazing house ever (1164 Morning Glory Circle).


Samantha was beautiful, wore the BEST mod clothes, and had fierce eyebrows!


Cousin Serena was also a favorite – the wild side of Samantha!

So this is two-fold; in that I also admire Elizabeth Montgomery, who portrayed my beloved Samantha.  She lived a great life, made her own rules, and pretty much didn’t play by Hollywood standards for women back  then.

Not to be all racial/political, but “Bewitched” made me feel like I belonged.  Back in the 70s, “mixed” marriages were not very common.  Although the Stephens’ wedding was witch to mortal, it made me feel like the Japanese lady to Army guy union that created me was okay.

What Fierce Female made an impact on your life?

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo




  1. Rouge says

    Omg what a ttly cool series! I love your pick, haven’t seen the original series, but I seriously can’t take blame, lol. I would deff pick my grams, she has these righteous stories from the 60s and 70s when she would travel around with her band of hippie sisters, traveling all the way to India from England!

    • kpsays says

      Oh, you should post one of her stories! I’ll bet she has some great ones. I love women who did unconventional, non-traditional “lady” things! Thanks hun.

    • kpsays says

      Yes, I Dream OF Jeannie was the next one. I loved my Samantha though! Thanks for your compliment on my design, though you were the first person to say anything – my girl was supposed to email me when it went live. Not complaining for early than planned install!!!