Fierce Females: Stevie Nicks

The “Rumours” album is one of the first records (yes, vinyl!!!) I ever owned.  I was obsessed with it, as was the whole country.  I wouldn’t understand all the drama and intrigue that propelled this album to explode the way it did until I got a little older.  We were living in Taiwan at the time, and hearing any of these songs instantly transports me back to that time in my life.

That is when my love for Stevie Nicks first began.  She was the epitome of cool with her hippie style;  a rocker chick that combined glamour and grit.  Yes, please!  I believe my love of all things boho is because of her!

While I love the Mac, Stevie’s solo stuff was an integral part of my youth.  Her first album “Belladonna” just spoke to me, and I listened to it over and over back in the day (okay, so by that time, we had evolved from vinyl to cassette tapes).  Her songwriting is so beautiful and her words so haunting.  I have seen her in concert many times over the years, and she is still one of my absolute favorites.

At 66, she is still rocking and kicking ass.  As a member of one of America’s first “super groups”, she definitely paved the way for women in rock.  I was so excited to hear her music featured on last season’s “American Horror Story”.  Then she actually appeared on the show!  I was just beside myself.  So, here’s to this week’s Fierce Female, Stevie Nicks!

Ah, I’m at the age where the music I grew up with is now “classic rock”.

Have a great week, and be FIERCE!

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