It’s A Southern Thing – College Football

Hello readers!  Tonight, I am excited to have my first ever guest post!  From none other than my fabulous husband!

Fabulous guest blogger!

Fabulous guest blogger!

Without further ado, I present his post on a subject near and dear to his heart!

picture of UGA logo

UGA logo

Hey People!!!

I’m the other half of KPsays.  I’m JPlistens.  Or JPokwhateveruwant.

I am so glad that I get to do a guest post.  “A ‘blog’ means stuff people write on the internet”, she says.  All i know is that I’m typing real slow and hating it!

Well, college football is here with a bang!!!!  Of course the South Carolina Gamecocks beat the North Carolina Tarheels. That was kind of expected.. But did y’all watch the Vanderbilt/Ole Miss game??  WOW!!  Jordan Matthews (Vandy) came back from being almost knocked out to catching a potential game winning catch!!!!!!!!! Ole Miss ran a long play for a touchdown and ran out the clock.


The University of Georgia is part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).  There are six power conferences based geographically around the country.

I love college football!!  Everything SEC.  Even South Carolina and Florida (you need teams to hate)!!  College football to me is the best sport ever.  EVER.  Some people love the NFL…I have no problem with that.  I like the NFL.  I love my Atlanta Falcons! I pull for my Atlanta Braves!! Been to several games this summer!!  On Sundays I golf, Fridays I’ll catch a baseball score… BUT Saturdays in the fall – It’s all College football!!

The University of Georgia

I Love UGA.  Me and KP walk around the UGA campus and wonder what parents wouldn’t allow their kids to attend such a great, prestigious university?  We have had several Rhodes scholars. Also a great veterinary school and law school.  And did I mention the best college football team, the Geogia Bulldogs!

I Attended UGA in the mid 90’s.  I’ve had season tickets for almost 20 years.  I’m a Bulldog through and through.  This is a pic of my tickets.  I go to every game possible.  Last year was my 20th year going to the Georgia/Florida game, held in Jacksonville, FL.  I love UGA!

picture of uga football season tickets

UGA football season tickets

To Anyone Who Doesn’t Know College Football

This is for people reading my guest post who don’t understand the college football thing.  I have a friend from Australia who we’ve visited several times.  His team is the South Sydney Rabittohs.  A rabbit (?).   He is amazed that we have ninety thousand –  NINETY THOUSAND –  plus people to watch a college game.  And people trying to buy their way in at inflated prices.  He says that at their University sporting events (cricket, football (soccer to us in the states), swimming), they have a few hundred people watch at most. Even their pro leagues have small local stadiums.  They remind me of a minor league baseball stadium in size. So try and find a college football game to watch, preferably SEC and UGA!!!  You will not be disappointed.

picture of uga football schedule

UGA football schedule

In summary:  the South loves and embraces their college football teams of choice.  We talk about it non-stop at work, on the golf course and at the supper table.  We kick off tonight against Clemson!! A match up of two top 10 teams. Time will tell.  Just gotta say:

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!