Jordana Easyliner For Lips

Happy Valentines Day my loves!  If you celebrate it, I hope you had a wonderful day!  I personally have never been a big fan of Valentines Day.  I sort of think of it as a glorified holiday for greeting card companies and florists.  Even in my younger, more idealistic days, I never thought it was a big deal.  But to each his own, and hugs & kisses to those of you who embrace it!

I am going to keep on the drugstore makeup train that I’ve been on for the past few posts.  Today, I want to talk about the Jordana Easyliner For Lips.


Jordana Easyliner For Lips

Jordana has a great selection of shades available in these retractable lip pencils.  And they are $1.99 each!!!


Jordana Easyliner For Lips

The pencil is plastic, with a top that snaps back on nice and tight.  As long as you’ve popped it back on until it clicks (make sure!!!), that sucker isn’t going anywhere.  Which is a big plus, as most of my liners’ caps somehow manage to come off in my purse, wreaking havoc and mayhem in there.  Yuck.


Jordana Easyliner For Lips

I chose Rock N Rose, Tawny, and Plush Plum.


Jordana Easyliner For Lips (L-R): Rock N Rose, Plush Plum, Tawny

I figured these would cover a good range of lipstick shades.  Notice I didn’t get any ultra dark, vampy ones!  I thought the Rose would be a good neutral; Tawny for my browns; and Plum for my darker wines/berries.


Jordana Easyliner For Lips Swatches (L-R): Rock N Rose, Tawny, Plush Plum

Doesn’t it look like I switched the Rose and Tawny?  I swear they are in the correct order.  On my arm, the Rose swatched very brown, and Tawny very pink.  But on my lips they were more true to the color of the packaging.

Rock N Rose was a tad too light for me, but I will use it for my lighter lipsticks.  Tawny is a good neutral on me, and the Plush Plum is awesome.  I actually wore Plush Plum on it’s own the other day, and loved it.  These liners apply very easily, keep your lipstick in check, and wear a pretty decent amount of time.  Worn alone, they do not dry out your lips, and will stay on for hours, especially the darker plum liner.

I believe I am becoming a big Jordana fan.  You really can’t beat their quality, especially for the price.  As a rule, I am not a huge snob when it comes to lipliners.  If you can find a drugstore liner that performs, by all means use it!  Especially basic colors.  If I could find a dupe for MAC Stone and Currant liners, you bet your behind I’d switch in a heartbeat!  Of course if you know of any, let me know!

Thanks for reading!  xoxo

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    • kpsays says

      I was skeptical, but I picked up a Best Lash Extreme Volumizing mascara for someone living outside of the US, and decided to try one myself. It is a great mascara! It’s the skinny black tube with purple writing. The other 2 mascaras are fatter tubes. I’d definitely give it a try!!! Make sure it’s the skinnier tube. The names are sort of confusing.

  1. Lucy says

    I can’t say that I have heard of this brand but I never line my lips so I guess I don’t look. The colours look lovely strange how the colours on your arms are different to how they appear on your lips. I love when a product doesn’t work out you always find another use, you are very resourceful Lucy x
    Lucy recently posted…Pancake DayMy Profile

    • kpsays says

      Walgreens carries them. They don’t have a huge display. It is usually in a small acrylic display on the counter by the cash register in the makeup department. Worth checking out!

  2. Lauren says

    I have Rock N Rose and have used it a lot, even though it has been neglected lately. Tawny looks like a color I could get a lot of use out of, so I’ll check it out! I need to try Jordana’s matte lipsticks if I can ever find them in stock!
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