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Hello my peeps!  Almost caught up on “The Voice” episodes on the DVR.  I just have to mention that another one of my top 5 favorite chick singers, Stevie Nicks, is an advisor for Adam’s team!  Whoo hoo!!!!  Not to mention her feature on one of my other favorite TV shows, “American Horror Story – Coven” last season.  Stevie has been one of my favorites since  joining Fleetwood Mac back in the seventies, and I believe I’ve been to every solo show she’s done (as well as Fleetwood Mac shows).  She definitely has been a musical influence on me since my late teens, and even now, as I still listen to her solo CDs (as well as the Fleetwood Mac).  And we just found out that a local girl that works at the same Children’s Hospital as the hubs got through the blind auditions, and is on Adam’s Team!  So we Augusta folks definitely need to pull for our homie!

Okay, back to the post at hand.  I’ve yet to do a post on the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows because they were all over the blogosphere.  But after doing a Makeup Geek Blush review yesterday, I thought, “Hey, why not”?? They are really great eye shadows.  Here is the blush review and a little background on the Makeup Geek line.


Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

The MUG (Makeup Geek) shadows can also be purchased in a pan or in a compact.  I prefer pans.  Again, her shadows are made in the US, and are cruelty free, and talc/paraben free.


Z Palette Medium

The Medium Z Palette works the best for me.  It holds 15 pans of shadow.  The MUG pans stick right into this palette.  Your MUG pans will NOT stick in a MAC palette.  Also, your MAC pans will NOT stick in the Z palette.  The Z does come with self-adhesive magnets so you could put any pan in there (and vice/versa), but I just keep my MUG and MAC separate.  Marlena sells the Z palette at the same price as the Z website.  There are many different sizes/patterns/etc, but I just stick to the Medium.  Which only comes in black.  I would love to have a pink palette!!!


Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in a Z palette

The Makeup Geek shadows really are very comparable to MAC – particularly in the neutral/matte/blending shades.  And they are $6 each!  Marlena has a comprehensive list of dupes on her site.  They are just as pigmented and blendable as their expensive counterparts.  Her black shadow, “Corrupt”, is one of the blackest matte shadows I’ve ever used.


Makeup Geek Eye Shadows (top left/right to bottom left/right): Drama Queen, Razzleberry; Mango Tango, Burlesque

I have most of the noteworthy neutral mattes, so I thought I would pick out a few of my favorite shades that are outside the blend/transition/crease shades:

Drama Queen – a dark purple shimmer shade, that looks more like a gunmetal on me;

Razzleberry – a raspberry pink – almost red – with gold glitter – not for everyday, but for a night out;

Mango Tango – a peachy pink with gold flecks – gorgeous for everyday, and such a pretty color;

Burlesque – a deep metallic burgundy, but on me, is a warm coppery bronze.

Swatches (over primer):


Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Swatches (top-to-bottom): Drama Queen, Razzleberry, Mango Tango, Burlesque (over primer)

The dramatic:


Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Drama Queen and Razzleberry



Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Swatches – Razzleberry on left, Drama Queen on right

Razzleberry does have a teeny bit of fallout.  I’ve found if you use it with a glitter eyeshadow primer (like Too Faced Glitter Glue), it works just fine.  However, the shadow is very buildable, so you don’t necessarily need to wear it as intensely.

Oh, the Drama Queen!  It does look like a deep, dark purple on my finger.  It is buildable to that, but the swatch on my arm is just one pass over.

The not-so-dramatic-but-gorgeous:


Makeup Geek Eye Shadows Mango Tango and Burlesque



Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Swatches – Mango Tango on left, Burlesque on right

Mango Tango is just a super gorgeous shade.  Peachy, golden pink!

Burlesque has got to be one of my most favorite shades.  It does indeed look like a deep burgundy, but used lightly, is a gorgeous copper shade.

All of the shadows I’ve tried are super soft, easy to blend, pigmented, and have lasting wear time.  Makeup Geek also ships worldwide (very affordably), but I know my international readers sometimes have to pay extra for duties.  Boo!

I do love everything I have tried from Marlena’s line.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo




    • kpsays says

      Online only. If you stay in the same hotel on your jaunts here, you may need to have them ship there and hold for you until your next visit! Definitely a great line. You will love!!!

  1. Zoe Archer says

    I love Makeup Geek shadows, I have quite a few now. I really want to try her gel eyeliner and her blushes as they are supposed to be amazing too.

  2. Wendy says

    I love Stevie! Right now, I can’t stop listening to “I Don’t Want to Know”. It’s an old classic, but it just keeps staying stuck in my head. :)

    Drama Queen is gorgeous! Even the swatches look creamy. I can imagine these blend like a dream!
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