Makeup Storage – Muji Acrylics

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I did the best I could to get decent photos.  It sort of looks like chaos, but I took my pieces apart to give you an idea of what I put together.  I wish to thank my lovely assistant, Murphy, for adding some super cuteness to the photo session.  Murphy is a Flame Solid Lynx Ragdoll.  He is 3 years old, and always up in my business :)

picture of Muji Acrylic Storage

Muji Acrylic Storage 5 drawer

Above is the 5 drawer unit I used as the base ($27.95).  It can easily accommodate a large palette.

picture of Muji Acrylic Storage

Muji Acrylic Storage

Above is the base in the background, the 3 drawer case on the left ($24.75) that I put on top of the base, and the Large 2 drawer with lid on the right ($26.75) that is on the top.  The top drawer slides out as well.  The drawer on the unit with the lid is “deeper” than the other 2, so it holds my taller/bulkier items.

picture of Muji Acrylic Storage

Muji Acrylic Storage

The drawers slide in and out smoothly.  You can pull them out all the way and they don’t flip over.   The acrylic is still bright and clear with no crackling.  Apparently crackling is a common problem with acrylic, and the expensive units I looked at before guaranteed no crackling, hence the high price tag.  I initially started with the 5 drawer base and 2 drawer with lid.  Added the middle piece about a year later.  The bottoms of each unit have secure rubber “feet” that allow you to stack securely. They do not wobble or slide, so no worries there.

I love my Mujis!  I think they were a great buy, and I use them every day.

Thanks for reading!  kxoxo


  1. Etta says

    Karen, I love this. It is so organized and visually pleasing!! I am going to start slowly purchasing items from them. It seems that my makeup collection is forever growing but I am having a hard time keeping it organized.

    • kpasto1 says

      That’s the beauty of it! You can add as you grow. They are safely stackable, so your baby boy can’t topple :)

  2. Wendy says

    I love Muji drawers! I’ve thought about purchasing some in the future. They just look so streamlined! I also love how you haven’t stuffed them full. They look nicely organized. :) And I have OCD, so I completely understand your motto!

    • kpasto1 says

      I so want to stuff them full, but that would defeat the purpose :D I do LOVE them and would recommend highly. They are really good quality for the price. I couldn’t believe some units were over $300! Cray cray!

  3. Debbie says

    I’m ashamed to admit that I throw all of my makeup in a giant bag and spend way too long looking through it when I’m getting ready to find what I need.

  4. Megan says

    I love this, K! It definitely makes the makeup more lovely to look at! I wish I could keep mine stored in something that compact! I have so much that I have this infernally large rolling drawer thing for mine. It won’t even fit in my bathroom, so I have to store it in my bedroom! It is definitely not as pretty as yours! Actually quite jealous! x

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    • kpasto1 says

      I had the same problem! I had a storage thing-y in my closet. I actually still have some stuff in the closet. I got these for items that I use regularly that I got tired of rummaging to find. Wish I could have a bathroom just for me with all the space for my makeup/toiletries!!! ha!

  5. Tifs Mom says

    Kp, love your blogs and I think u may want to check out ELFs latest if u haven’t already done so. Eyebrow template. Saw ad in a magazine the other day so off I went to Target to purchase but this store didn’t stock this item:( went on ELFs website and three templates each with a different arch comes in a pkg for $1. Hope to find soon and want to know what you think :)