Milani Anti Feathering Lipliner Review

Hello sweetpeas!  I am a week and a half into my diet detox, and happy to report it’s going well.  I got a spiralizer last week, and have been making the yummiest dinners that are chock full of veggies.  Tonight was a lasagne made with butternut squash.  Delish!  I will admit I miss having my wine though!

I know I have been on a drugstore makeup kick lately.  When I was feeling yuck a couple of weeks ago, I found myself going to the pharmacy a lot more than usual to pick up things to try to relieve my symptoms.  Of course, you have to walk through the makeup department on your way back to where the meds are, right?  So naturally, I had to stop and check out what was new.  And boy, was there a lot of new!  Never fails; when I’m looking for something when I’m feeling good, zilch.  Get ill, and the isles are overflowing with new offerings.  Though this is not new, I finally got to pick up the Milan Anti Feathering Lipliner, and want to share a quick review with you.


Milani Anti Feathering Lipliner

I think Milani is one of the better drugstore brands.  I’ve yet to try something from them I don’t like.  Well, except the scent of their lipsticks.  I think I am the only person on the planet who thinks their lipsticks smell awful.  The formulas are great, but that fragrance is very off putting to me.  Moving on…..


Milani Anti Feathering Lipliner

This lipliner has been sold out each time I’ve looked for it, so I was happy to find one single, lonely package hanging by itself on the peg.  I was wondering how it would compare the the Makeup Forever clear lipliner that I had been using.

As you can see, it is “transparent” and can be used as a liner and/or primer (line filling!).


Milani Anti Feathering Lipliner

The pencil actually has a nice bit of heft to it, and looks pretty swanky.  Doesn’t feel cheap-y at all.


Milani Anti Feathering Lipliner Closeup

The formula is very creamy and easy to apply.  Since it is clear, you can use it with any color lipstick.  The pencil is plastic, but sharpened to a good point using my Urban Decay Grind House sharpener (the best sharpener out there).  As a liner, none of my red shades escaped past the clear demarcation line.  I also tested it as a primer under MAC Cyber, one of my favorites, which is sort of a pain to keep in place.  It did a fabulous job.  Cyber did not budge or cake into my lip lines.

I am happy to report this liner works just as good as the Makeup Forever one!  For real!

I did back to back comparisons with both.  The Milani is a bit tackier than MUFE, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

The only lipstick neither could contain 100% was the L’Oreal Extraordinaire Plum Adagio.  No fault of the liner though.  I love this lipstick, but it always seeps outside my lip line.  Only the Plum Adagio does this (none of the other colors I own do).  Probably because it is so dark.  It wasn’t a total fail though.  It did a great job of keeping it from totally feathering out like it does without a liner.  I noticed after a couple of hours that my cupid’s bow area had the teeniest amount of bleeding.  Nothing horrible that a finger swipe couldn’t fix.  That’s just me being ultra super picky though.

I love this Milani liner.  I will be repurchasing this one, not the MUFE.  If you are in the market for a clear liner, this Milani one won’t do you wrong!

Thanks for reading!  xoxo

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  1. Wendy says

    Always nice to find a cheaper dupe of a product! I’ll keep my eyes open for this. I find Milani hard to find up here! I haven’t tried anything by them yet, unless something is escaping my memory. I keep meaning to! There blushes are so pretty! But then again, the last thing I need is a new brand obsession. ;)
    Wendy recently posted…My Valentine’s Day WishlistMy Profile

  2. Sissi says

    Karen, you are lucky that you can get your hands on Milani! I have the biggest issue finding Milani! Whenever I travel I go to the drugstore and try to find something cause around me, even my last Walgreens discontinued Milani completely! Empty shelves! This lip liner sounds like something I need for my (aging) lips lol! I am gonna check it online. Great review. xoxo, Sissi
    Sissi recently posted…REJUVENIQE by MONAT REVIEWMy Profile

  3. Julie says

    You know, I haven’t really tried much from Milani because the display is always so bare at my local Walgreens. I have yet to find those amazing looking rose blushes, that is my mission in life! LOL I have a clear liner from OCC and love it, I think it’s such a great idea. And yes, Grind House is the worlds best sharper – I have three! lol
    Julie recently posted…Face of the Day: Valentine’s Edition!My Profile

  4. Lucy says

    Glad that you managed to find one lonely packet sounds like it found a good home. Normally sold out products don’t live up to the hype glad that this did Lucy x
    Lucy recently posted…Pancake DayMy Profile

  5. Lauren says

    This sounds like a great liner! The I have the clear anti feathering liner from Urban Decay, but it’s one of the liners before they came out with the new ones. I actually haven’t used it all that much, but it’s nice to know that there’s a cheaper version out there!
    Lauren recently posted…Covergirl Lip LavasMy Profile