Prescription Skincare

Hello Everyone!!!  Looks like it is officially “Pumpkin Everything” season.  I, for one, am happy for the cooler temps.  You can call me on this when I start bitching about how cold it is four months from now!!!!

I am pretty fanatical about skincare.  As much as I love playing around/experimenting with makeup, I hardly ever deviate from my skin regiment.  I just realized today that I have been using some of my products for over ten years.  Hello Karen?  Maybe you need to come in out of the darkness, and embrace some new innovations.  Especially after I read my girl Bubbly Michelle’s post on her go-to skincare item.  I do, however, want to give some love to my favorite prescription skincare products, as I’m sure they will still be my faithful staples as I wander through all the new advances in making your skin beautiful.

picture-of-Prescription Skincare

Prescription Skincare

I have been using Obagi Medical products for years.  They do not require a written “prescription”, but are only available in physician’s offices (dermatlolgists, plastic surgeons, medical day spas, primary care physicians).  You cannot purchase from theirwebsite either, as their products can only be dispensed by a doctor.  They warn against purchasing online, as you don’t know if you are getting the real product or counterfeit.


Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment Cream

The Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment Cream is amaze.  It restores and firms the entire eye area, especially the “crepe-iness” that happens under your eyes as you age.  I love this stuff, and I don’t think I will ever replace it.  It also helps tighten up the upper lids.  I use this in the evening.


Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Complete Complex Serum

This serum is everything the cream is, but in a light, almost gel-like formula.  It has a roller-ball applicator that is oh-so-cooling-under-eye, and helps combat under eye puffiness with the addition of caffeine in the formula.  My morning go-to.  As the weather gets colder, I do use the serum in conjunction with the cream before bed.

I have only been diligent with sunscreen on my face for the last fifteen years.  Until then, I was all about getting a “healthy” tan on my face, and baked my face unmercifully.  Paying the price now.


Obagi Nu Derm Sunscreen

I had a pretty big patch of melasma appear on my face on both sides of my upper cheek bones and along my jawline – thanks to abusing my skin.  I ended up going to a plastic surgeon a year ago and getting Fraxel laser treatment to correct the hyper-pigmentation (three sessions).  After my procedure, he recommended that I only use the Obagi Nu Derm Sunscreen, as your face is hyper-sensitive to the sun (considering the first layer of your skin is burned off).  Let me tell you, this sunscreen is the bomb!  It readily absorbs into the skin, has a matte finish, and does not not make your face white.  I highly recommend it if you get laser treatment, but now that my skin has healed, my Neutrogena sun screen works just as well.

Last, but not least, my beloved Renova.  I did not start using a true “anti-aging” product until my 30s.  This one has served me well.  I would recommend if you are in your late 20s, as now is a good time to start.  Renova is a gentle retionoid, known as Tretinoin, and I have used the .02% for years.  It is a wonder cream that (used consistently) will smooth the surface of the skin, diminish fine lines/wrinkles, and helps create cell turn-over, that results in fresher, younger looking skin.  I may need to see about boosting up to the .05% once I use this tube up.  It is really gentle, and you only  need a pea-sized drop for your entire face.  Squeeze out the said amount into your palm, and use your right finger tips to tap HALF the pea sized product onto half of your face.  Same with the remaining half, but with your left hand for the other size of your face.  Just tap, tap, tap it into your skin until it is absorbed, then rub your fingers across your face.   You can use it around the eye area (not directly underneath the eyes).  Blot a tissue across your face after, and in any product is found on the tissue, you’ve used too much.  A teeeny bit goes a long way for fabulous results.


Renova Cream

Renova is an anti-aging product that does actually require a prescription – you pick it up at the drugstore.  It is the gentle-est retinoid, and I have been using this for overtwenty years.  I know this tube looks awful, and almost all used up, but I swear, I have another year’s worth of use from this baby.  Again, you use the tiniest drop.

That is the one complaint I have about prescription skincare.  Yes, it is expensive, but you only need to use the teeeeeniest bit.  And they put it in such a big package.  I wish they made it in increments for 3 months use, making it more affordable, and not expiring before you finish.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo




  1. El says

    I bought a couple of jars of the Elastiderm eye cream off Amazon and I remember liking it, though like you said, I was nervous it was fake but the reviews were decent so I figured why not. I also had a couple of tubes of Rx generic retinol (Tretinoin). The longest I used it was about a year and saw zero improvement in my skin despite upping the concentration and using it as the doctor said. Though I knew it was doing SOMETHING b/c for months my skin looked like a peeling alligator! It was nasty haha! I would like to get back to it at some point because it is the only thing out there that is truly proven to lessen wrinkles. This is a great post!
    El recently posted…Memebox Special #30 Tea Cosmetics*My Profile

    • kpsays says

      Thanks El! I have been using it forever! I started slow, every two days, for 10 days, then every other day for two weeks, then nightly if my skin tolerated it. Retinol is too strong for my skin.

  2. Michelle S says


    Thank you so much for linking me! I just had time to read your review before I head out and wow you have some very tempting choices when it comes to eye care. Makes me wonder if I need to seek prescription brands, but not sure if they are available over here.
    I shall re read this again just to make sure I missed nothing! Thank you for the detailed post :-)

  3. Julie says

    I’ve heard such great things about Obagi skin care! I started using retinol in my mid 20s, and my skin has seriously thanked me for it. Now that I’m 30 I want to start looking into a new serum, the ones I’ve used in the past aren’t thrilling me anymore. Great post though, I’ll have to get to a derm and check these out! xo
    Julie recently posted…Create Fall Inspired Looks with your Summer Palette!My Profile

    • kpsays says

      Definitely do! I have been using Renova for years, and I will still keep using that baby. Just going to change up some others to make sure I’m not missing out on anything – ;)

    • kpsays says

      Not that you would ever need it anytime soon you gorgeous thing, I can always send you some! I know when you are here you don’t have time to go to a doctor’s office! ;)

  4. Lucy says

    I haven’t heard of these creams but if you find something that works then it works. does it matter that you have been using it for ten years? It probably means that you have done more for your skin that constantly changing your minds and buying into branding that then does not work. The sun shield sounds perfect. Lucy x
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  5. Lauren says

    I have only heard good things about Obagi skincare. I really want to start using some of the more prescription and prescription-like skincare items soon. It all seems way more effective that what I’ve been using!
    Lauren recently posted…The Lipstick Addict Tag!My Profile

    • kpsays says

      Your skin looks fabulous! I just realized when I did this post, I have been using some products fo YEARS. So, gonna try and branch out and introduce some new technology to my skincare line!