Tori Amos Unrepentant Geraldines Tour Atlanta Review

Hello my lovely readers!  If you have read my bio on any of my social media, you would know I classify myself “Tori Amos Obsessed”.  I had the pleasure of seeing her on August 19 in Atlanta, GA.  After getting home the next day after that fabulous performance, I went online hoping some other fans who attended that show might have shared their thoughts.  NONE.  So, for what it’s worth, I want to give MY Tori Amos Unrepentant Geraldines Tour Atlanta Review.  If you are not a Tori fan, feel free to skip this, and we’ll catch up later!


Me & Essa Tori Amos Concert Atlanta GA

My lovely companion is my sweet friend Essa.  It was her first Tori concert, and I am honored that  we experienced it together.  Please forgive the grainy photos – I only had my phone camera with me.

This show was at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.  It is an absolutely beautiful venue, complete with the cool box seats elevated near the front of the stage.  We were in the mid-level mezzanine seats, towards the right side of the stage.  So my pictures are not up close and personal with Tori.  On a side note, we stayed at the Embassy Suites Galleria, which is  literally right next door to the venue.  We actually walked back and forth without having to worry about a cab.  Sweet!

We got ourselves some wine, found our seats, and eagerly waited for the show to begin.  Oh, the anticipation!!!  The lady next to us actually got to do the meet and greet with Tori, and showed us the pictures.  So jelly!!!


Tori Amos Setup Atlanta GA

We noticed there was no set up for her band.  Just keyboards and her trademark Bosendorfer.  Then, from the right side of the stage, she appeared!  Resplendent in her flowy top, killer heels, and flaming red hair.  She did stop and shake hands with some fans who were right up next to the stage.

The one thing that I find truly amazing about Tori is that during her tours, she never does the same set list.  Every performance is a different set of songs.  I honestly don’t know how she does it.  Different lyrics every night would be hard enough, but being responsible for the accompanying music also???  However, she did start each show this go round with the same opening song, “Parasol”.  She only did two new songs from Geraldines.  The rest of the set was classic, old school favorites.


Tori Amos Set List Atlanta GA courtesy of @toriamos

Being a performing arts venue, the acoustics were unreal.  The accompanying light “show” was perfect and really enhanced each song.  What blew my mind was that this tiny, lone woman with only her big old grand piano and keyboards, totally commanded that stage.  Her voice never wavered as she hit all the high notes and sang her ass off.  She sounds just as good live as her studio recordings.  She is a mesmerizing performer with her dramatic hand gestures, perfectly timed hard “slaps” on her piano, and the maniacal, down and dirty piano playing (Little Amsterdam, Father Lucifer, Cornflake Girl, Precious Things).  Then she just as easily slows things down and makes your heart feel like it’s just going to bust wide open with emotion (Baker Baker, Pandora’s Aquarium, Scarlet’s Walk).  And straddling her bench to play piano with one hand, and keyboards/organ with the other, simultaneously?  Get out.


Tori Amos Atlanta GA

Kinda hard to see in my blurry pic.  Lizards Lounge is where she does her take on two cover songs.  She told us that “Out Here On My Own” (Irene Cara/Fame) was a song she played a lot in piano bars back in the day and it was a personal favorite of hers.  Then during “Rocket Man” (Elton John), she dropped the F-bomb when she got a little tangled up in the opening lyrics, saying, “okay, okay, okay” and laughing until she got herself straightened out.  That alone proved to me that she is indeed human, and can make a teeny mistake.  Like I said, it was blowing my mind that she did so many different songs each show.


Tori Amos Atlanta GA

During the changeover, her keyboards were swapped out for her Hammond Organ.  “The Beekeeper” was goose-bump-inducing haunting.  Seriously.

Essa and I were extremely pleased with the songs we got to hear.  “Floating City” is from her Y Tori Kant read days, so it’s a rarity.  “Your Cloud” is probably my absolute favorite Tori song, and I got a little teary when she played it.  She also was a bit choked up afterwards, saying she didn’t really play that song very much these days.  “Winter” pushed Essa over the edge.

It was a fabulous evening, and I wish I could go to more shows when she tours in the US.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxo




  1. Essa says

    I loved seeing tori with you! I had the best time! I am hooked for life to seeing tori live! I can never go back! As always, I love your writing and you!