YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Review

Hello my worn out Santa’s helpers!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas filled with family, friends, overeating, drinking too much, and making great memories.  Those of you with little kiddos, I trust that your hearts were turned into indescribable mush watching the pure joy of your babies tearing into their presents Christmas morning.  One good thing about being Grinch-y is that I have nothing to take down/put up.  I’m ready for the New Year with no fuss, no muss!

I have been on a foundation kick lately.  I guess all of the new offerings have dazzled me like bright and shiny objects.  One such glittery distraction was the new YSL foundation.  I’ve been wearing it for a month or so, and thought I’d share my YSL Fusion Ink Foundation review!


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

As with all Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics, the packaging is gorgeous.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Beautiful right?  *sigh*

According to the box, the formula is supposed to be ultra lightweight with the color/staying power of ink.  Doesn’t sound very sexy does it?  Ink?  Honestly, it makes me think of the old school Bic ball point pens.  You know, the ones that transferred blue ink on the side of your hand as you were writing a paper if your hand happened across the paragraph you just wrote?  I personally don’t like to associate my foundation with “ink”.

Sorry for that tangent.  Moving on….


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

There are 21 shade offerings, ranging from Neutral (B), Cool (BR), and Warm (BD).  Whatever your complexion, I think they have you covered.  It also has SPF 18.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

BD 50, Warm Honey, is a perfect match for me.  Per the label above, you need to shake, shake, shake.  The formula really is lightweight, so when you shake, shake, shake, it sounds like water (or maybe a bottle of ink).  :D


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

The bottle is frosted glass with a great deal of heft.  The gold cap pops off to reveal the applicator.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Applicator

I wasn’t sure what to think of this when I first opened it.  I knew I wasn’t going to touch the applicator directly to my face.  The instructions state the applicator is designed to dispense the perfect amount of product to your face or hand.  So, I plop it on the back of my hand.  Works just fine.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Swatch

The left is the foundation applied straight to my arm, the right is a tiny bit semi blended (you know what I mean).  Was an icky day when I took this photo, and my arm was really cold, hence the blotchiness.  I should have stood in a hot shower before this shot :)

Okay.  Now for my thoughts (finally, right????).

It has a slight floral scent.  As a rule, I prefer my foundations to be fragrance free, as I think fragrance can be an irritant.  However, I did not have any adverse reaction to it being scented (whew!).  And once it settles in, you can’t smell it.  However, if you are sensitive to fragrance, get a sample at Sephora or Nordstrom.

I have never encountered a foundation like this.  It really is ultra light weight, like water (or a feather, according to the box).  I have applied it with a Beauty Blender, my fingers, and brushes.  It seems to work best with my beloved Shiseido foundation brush.

You sort of have to work fast with this formula, as it dries very quickly once applied.  You can’t do your entire face with a couple swipes on the back of your hand.  Gotta work in sections.  I put it on the back of my hand from the applicator, dab my brush into it, and buff into my skin.  By then, the remainder on my hand has already dried. So I apply the next bit on the back of my hand, buff; next bit, buff; until I have covered my face.  It really does take a only a small amount.  But you gotta work quickly.  It is easy to apply, and it really does melt into your skin with no problem.  Could that be the “fusion”?

Once you get the hang of the application (takes a few tries), your skin has a ethereal soft-matte finish.  I would say medium coverage, but buildable if you want.  REALLY nice.  Since it is a soft-matte, you won’t look like you’re wearing a plastic, skin-tight Halloween scary mask on your face.  You can smile, laugh, whatever you do.  And know your skin is looking very good on it’s own.

So, I am not fond of the name (or brand description) of this foundation.  Not a deal-breaker.  I don’t like the applicator.  Problem solved.  I had to get my initial whining out of the way.  I have really enjoyed using this bad boy, and he is in my rotation for when I need a smooth canvas for my face that is a bit matte.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Me, wearing the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation on in one of my blog photos.

That being said, my Holy Grail Chantecaille is a wide open jar of foundation.  I do use sanitized skincare “paddles” to dispense my Chantecaille.  The YSL will definitely be in my rotation, as I DO love it.  However, my Chantecaille is still my favorite.

Again, thanks for reading!  kxoxosignaturenew



  1. jules says

    Brilliant review. After reading it though I went back and read your Chantecaille review and now I really really really want that foundation – oh and the Fairy drops BB cream. Reading your blog is an expensive habit x

  2. Lucy says

    Great review I can see what you mean by how watery it is and the strange shape of the applicator. It looks lovely on, I guess the question is should you have to learn to use it or should it just be easy to apply. I really liked your Chantecaille review and this sounds much better Lucy x
    Lucy recently posted…ASAP54 -The must have fashion appMy Profile

  3. Lauren says

    I was a Grinch too this holiday season, and I don’t regret it at all! I didn’t put up one single decoration, and now I don’t have to take anything down. I spent that time I would have used taking everything down to clean and organize my closet. Oh, and about the foundation (lol)…I got a sample of this, and I really enjoyed it. I’m really liking the lighter feeling foundations that have been coming out lately.
    Lauren recently posted…Armani Eyes To Kill Excess MascaraMy Profile

    • kpsays says

      Glad I’m not the only Grinch! I used to go all out for Christmas, but don’t bother anymore. I think for those of us without kids (except our furbabies!), it’s not that big of a deal. Girl, I need to get on my closet! Keep putting it off, but it must be done!

  4. Chelsea LeBlanc says

    You look fab Karen! I love how this looks on you! I first saw this when Jaclyn Hill posted her video review of this foundation, and I did think the packaging was super weird. My skin will weirdly break out sometimes, so I don’t think a lightweight formula is what I need. Super glad it works for you though! Hope you’ve been doing well KP! xo
    Chelsea LeBlanc recently posted…2014 Beauty + Skincare FavoritesMy Profile

    • kpsays says

      I know Jac said she kinda/sorta thought this foundation broke her out. I’ve had no problems with it, and I am “dry” like she is. But I have enjoyed using it. I’m doing great, and hope we can meet up again this year! So proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year! You ROCK!!!

  5. Julie says

    I love your tangent on the use of the word “ink” LOL I’m usually sucked into anything YSL, but lately I’ve been loving my BECCA foundation so much I haven’t wanted to search around for something else. Shocking! It looks great on you though!
    Julie recently posted…Top Makeup Products of 2014!My Profile

    • kpsays says

      Haha! I don’t really think “ink” should be in a foundation description? I ADORE my BECCA also. I am testing out their full coverage cream right now!